animated lady looking through a microscope

My new motto is--Everything I know is WRONG! :-). Having said that, I am a woman with an open mind but definitely like to look at the world "under a microscope" to always and forever keep looking for everything from old belief systems to new

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Lori M. wrote at February 25, 2011
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Yes, I thought I noticed that the other day when I was trying to find my way around the site (which I still am). But after clicking on your response... it takes me directly to where I CAN SEE (and therefore others can too) the animation. Smile
Lori M.
Dean Davis wrote at February 25, 2011
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This photo didn't animate as your profile picture, but it does animate when looking at it as just a photo. Smile
Dean Davis
Lori M. wrote at February 20, 2011
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Synchronicity happens a lot more than people realize or recognize. Happy

I did exactly what Dean suggested (Re: uploading my profile photo) and after it allowed me to "browse" and then upload my chosen photo... the box that opened up was blank.

I'll keep trying but out of time for today!

Best wishes...
Lori M.