Marti Ramsey
Posted September 12, 2011 by Marti Ramsey in Peace
This is a wonderful experiment! Such a marvelous use of energies! Hopefully our numbers grow and grow as people all over the world begin to recognize their power to change conditions in teamwork and the earth does shift its vibratory level to a wonderfully new higher state of existence!
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yuri Fernandez wrote at September 14, 2011
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How do I get in?
yuri Fernandez
Marti Ramsey wrote at September 16, 2011
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If you speak of this specific experiment I believe you had to be pre-registered. Since you have posted on the site, I assume you have joined the community. Have no fear that this is the last experiment. Lynn McTaggart will alert us through email of the next official experiment, I'm sure. They who work on the experiments notee that it takes a lot of work after the experiment has concluded, and this one isn't over yet, to go over the data and see what the results for the target. But, in the meantime there are many unofficial experiments being put forth on this site and links to other sites with other research and experiments. You can even be intending for self to discover them, right? Sign up for her emails and before you know it, you'll be participating in one of the ones she has helped engineer. My best to you, Marti
Marti Ramsey
James Milton wrote at September 12, 2011
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Yes indeed Marti. The shift is already under way.
James Milton