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Posted May 6, 2015 by Stan Ellis in Inspirational
The Origin of Consciousness

In an effort to prove humankind’s existence, Descartes said, “I think therefore I am.” However, this succinct proof of being is better stated, “I am aware that I think, therefore I am. Animals are “Consciously Aware” of their environment…they are aware of what is dangerous and are aware of how to avoid or confront it. Even at the level of atoms, the sub-atomic particles have an awareness of their relation to other sub-atomic particles… a consciousness without thought. Thus from the formation of atoms to the formation of the universe conscious awareness forms patterns that fall into well-ordered systems of being. All the coincidental or random chance we observe actually fits into natural patterns that follow laws of order also called natural laws. What I’m positing is the Conscious Awareness within patterns is directed by order and science mandates that the formation of order implies intelligence.

Going back to the Descartes addendum, it is obvious that humankind’s conscious awareness also includes our Awareness of Consciousness. It appears that humankind is the only earthly animal that is consciously aware that it consciously thinks. The network of neurons & synapse are the genetic power-lines for conscious thought, but consciousness itself is not ordered by a genes or a segment of DNA, so what is the singularity for consciousness…what’s the big bang of consciousness?

Let’s look at one of the natural laws in order to uncover a probable origin of consciousness…
The Law of Continuity.

Nothing passes from one state to another without passing through all the intermediate states. It is the principle that applies “whatever succeeds for the finite also succeeds for the infinite.” Thus, all natural change is produced by degrees. All natural connections, whether causal or conceptual, are governed by this principle, allowing it to serve not only as a test, but also as a methodological principle of discovery. Since the principle of continuity is true of the natural order, the range of plausible scientific theories is reduced, because theories that violate continuity can be easily rejected.

Cause & effect, the vibration of energy, polarity, physical & metaphysical, etc. comply with The Law of Continuity. These natural conditions are a self-perpetuating contiguity. Life itself also complies with The Law of Continuity in the condition science calls biogenesis. Life creates life, there is nothing known to humankind that creates life except life itself. Scientists have tried and failed for eons to reconstruct the biochemical soup within an electro-magnetic field, and thermodynamic environment in an effort to create life.
Therefore, given that patterns (including life & consciousness) fall into order implying intelligence, we can deduce that intelligence must be part of the big bang or singularity of consciousness. Consciousness is the origin of consciousness, as life is the origin of life.

It makes sense that if all the natural well-ordered patterns from sub-atomic particles to the cosmos comply with The Law of Continuity, human consciousness does not stand alone outside the law… it also must comply by recreating itself from a field of Universal Consciousness. This gives rise to the question, “what is the origin of Universal Consciousness?” Since consciousness creates consciousness, it must then be logically deduced that the wellspring for Universal Consciousness is engulfed within an unknown source of Infinite Consciousness. It sequentially follows, Infinite Consciousness has to be the origin, singularity, or big bang of all consciousness.

Fabricating an anthropomorphic persona for Infinite Consciousness is for manmade religions. It ends with the contest of one’s belief system versus another’s. I’m not interested giving Infinite Consciousness a name like God—Allah—Vishnu—etc., I’d like to know exactly what it is and how it works? All we know is, according to the Law of Continuity, Infinite Consciousness has to be Intelligent as is its creations Universal Consciousness and Human Consciousness.

In conclusion, we must conclude the essence of human consciousness is unified with universal conscious engulfed in infinite conscious… a self-perpetuating mystery within an enigma.
What are your thoughts & opinions?
James Milton wrote at May 7, 2015
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There are some schools of thought that believe that Creation itself is a cycle, which has both an active and a passive phase, Blavatsky wrote about it in 'The Secret Doctrine'. That would perhaps equate to your 'big-bang' of consciousness Stan, although I hasten to add that there is apparently no beginning and no end to the cycle.

It appears to be the case that the material Universe is undergoing a process, in which we as conscious beings are very much involved, of rising in vibration. Theosophy teaches that spirit descends into matter and then ascends again, not just humans, but worlds too. The purpose of this seems to be to live out a dream, because energy becomes solid or material, and undergoes various experiences. It would seem that the Creator is exploring every possibility and weaving all into a harmonious tapestry.
James Milton
Stan Ellis wrote at May 7, 2015
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Active/Passive creation with no beginning/end and rising human vibration (the shift) all reflects patterns falling into a developing order that implies higher intelligence directive toward on-going proactive harmony. Thanks James, for adding another layer of astute perception and awareness.
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Stan Ellis
Dean Davis wrote at May 6, 2015
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Wow! I had never proceeded this far down the consciousness path before. This blog give me lots to think about. Thanks for the thoughtful post, Stan.
Dean Davis
Stan Ellis wrote at May 6, 2015
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You're welcomed Dean. For me the concept seems compatible with any belief system with the possible exception of Religious Fundamentalists.
Stan Ellis