Stan Ellis wrote at May 6, 2012
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Thanks for asking Paul. On our honeymoon my wife & I stood on a balcony admiring the undulating reflection of the moon on the glassy Atlantic Ocean. When she asked how I came to be such a beautiful person, I pointed to the moon's reflection and said, "I'm a midnight mirror of you." That answer is also the last line of my Novel. Yeah, I also miss Lori...I hope she is well! Thanks AgainSmile
Stan Ellis
paul wrote at May 6, 2012
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It's like going back into the time vault, to play this again. Still so beautiful, Stan. Now that I know more about you from your posts, replaying this tells me how Stan is not just a flat photo on the page. Definitely quite dimensional. Are you remembering you soul mate when you sing this, Stan? If that is too personal, I apologize for asking, but I couldn't help but wonder. Again here I see Lori's name pop up.
Stan Ellis wrote at March 22, 2012
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Thank you Bertha, your appreciation is inspiring.
Stan Ellis
Bertha Buttkiss wrote at March 22, 2012
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Oh, this is haunting, but very uplifting at the same time.
Bertha Buttkiss
Bob Songer wrote at November 15, 2011
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I like this a lot, Stan. Very enjoyable to listen to.
Bob Songer
Lori M. wrote at May 17, 2011
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Soothing, peaceful and remarkable! Great voice with great technology = stupendous results!
Lori M.
James Milton wrote at May 17, 2011
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Nice song Stan, and you have a nice voice.
James Milton
Stan Ellis wrote at May 16, 2011
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Thank You Johnny, yep it was Cakewalk Music Creator 5 and a midi keyboard.
Here are the Lyrics.

Midnight Mirror (By Stan Ellis)

Whippoorwills call, Southern night falls
softly through vine-laced trees.
Lake mirror unveil the moon's silver glow,
my home sweet reverie.

And you my love, my shinning light,
softly glowing through
the dark of live, unveil my love light,
a midnight mirror of you.

Through gossamer mist, Southern stars kiss
midnight's curtain of blue.
Torn veils of moss draped in warm moonlight
and jasmine dreams of you.


Falling in love all of my life
to find my dream come true.
The story of my life of love
began and ends with you

Stan Ellis
John Blanpied wrote at May 16, 2011
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I liked it, Stan. This was made with Cakewalk software? You have a nice voice and quite a vocal range!

It would be nice to have the lyrics listed, too.
John Blanpied
Stan Ellis wrote at May 16, 2011
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Music, Lyrics, and Arrangement by Stan Ellis.I created this with point & click software. Thank you Book for you help in figuring out how to do this, you are the master musician.
Stan Ellis