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Some dentists and a few 'ahead of the curve' doctors are now aware of the importance of body homeostasis.
1. What is the best 'toothpaste' for the total mouth environment? ?
2. Immediate action for MI (heart attack) if alone
3. Heartburn / Acid Reflex
4. What to do if you are low in stomach acid after Heidelberg test
5. Best thing to take for leg or limb cramps
Hanna wrote at July 20, 2011
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Hi !
.....Im a german nurse and I just want to know what is a " Heielberg test "? I didnԴt find any explanation in the internet or in my literature about this text.Would You be so kind to explain it to me? Thank You for Your effort beforehand !
david clumpner wrote at April 19, 2011
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The answers to the above are 'all of the above'
david clumpner