HELP - Profile - Customize Profile
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HELP - Profile - Customize Profile
HELP - Profile - Customize Profile

Many people have asked how to customize their profile, so this is what I have found out.

To customize your profile, on the Dashboard, click on Profile, then on the Customize Profile tab.
You will be taken to a page that displays your current profile. At the top right there are 4 links;
Full Screen - is a toggle that switches between just the menus or the menus and your profile page.
Toggle - is a toggle that switches between just your profile page, or your profile page and menus (sort of a reverse of Full Screen).
Blocks - this button toggles showing the blocks that you have selected to display and the order in which you want them to be displayed.
You can select one of the highlighted blocks and move them up or down to select the order in which they are displayed.
Close - this will take you back out from the Customize Profile menu and return you to the normal menu.

On the top left, you will see links for Themes, Block, Advanced, and CSS.

The Themes link displays all available themes (currently, there is only one, phpFox Default)

The Blocks link will display all blocks that you want to select for display. The selected blocks will be highlighted in a light yellow block.
If you do not want a particular block to be displayed, click on the text in the center of the block. The highlighted color will change from yellow to white. Blocks highlighted in white WILL NOT BE DISPLAYED on YOUR Dashboard.

The Advanced link seems to be the most useful for customizing your profile. It can get you into the most trouble also. That's one reason there is a Revert To Default button here. If you get it totally screwed up, just click that button and your profile will be reset to default.
The Advanced link will show a new page with a LOT of options. At the top are two very important buttons, On the left is Save (no changes to your profile will be made unless you click on this button before leaving the Customize Profile page).
On the right is Revert To Default (use this button to reset to default settings if you get something so screwed up that you do not know how to fix it.

Background - This button show all options for a background (in this case there is only 1). There is a menu that shows Color (the current color), URL; (for a graphic), Scroll, Position, Repeat;
Color; In order to change the background color, click on the color box. You will be shown a color selector (the default is red). To change pallets, slide the two arrows near the bottom of the selector chart upwards for more selections. When you get near the color you want, grab the little circle in the upper right of the color chart and move it around until you get the color you want (it will be displayed in the left upper box next to the current color in the right upper box). When you have the color you want, click on the little multicolored sphere in the lower right of the color selector box.
You will see the color changes as soon as you exit the color selection box.
If you want a graphic or picture for a background, the best way is to upload the graphic or picture to your photos.
After you have uploaded the graphic or picture (it should be in .jpg format for best results), click on that picture in your photos, then scroll down a little. You should see an Image Details box on the right bottom of the picture. In that box you will see a URL; Copy that URL, then go back into your customize profile (under Advanced), and copy that URL into the Background URL; box. With the default settings, you should see a little of the picture or graphic at the top center of your profile background. The Scroll;, Position;, and Repeat; boxes select how the picture is displayed on the background.
The Repeat box selects how the picture looks on the background. The options are Default (do not repeat), Do Not Repeat (same as default), Across (repeats the picture in one line across the screen), Down (repeats the picture vertically in one line down the screen), and Tile (repeats the picture both vertically and horizontally).
The Position box lets you select the position where a single picture or row is is displayed.
The Scroll Box lets you select how the background is displayed as the main profile box scrolls up or down. The Default option makes the background scroll up and down along with the profile display. The Yes option is the same as the Default option. The No option make the background stay stationary as the profile box scrolls up and down.

The Page Width link lets you select how wide you want your profile page relative to the background. The options are; Default (your profile box is about 70% as wide as the background), 90%, or 100%.

The Link link lets you select different colors and font styles for your link text (while not on the link).

The Link;Hover link lets you select the colors and font styles (uses the selected text style for the link only) for your link text (while hovering on a link).

The Search Bar link has a lot of options (since most of these also apply to other box options, I will cover them in detail here).
The search bar is a small bar at the very top of your profile page.
Background - This lets you select a background color or graphic for the Search Box (top of your profile).
The bar is very small, but you can change the size of it by selecting the Padding; top, Padding; Bottom, Padding; left, and padding; Right boxes and changing the values in the boxes.
Font - lets you select the color and style of any font that is displayed in the Search Bar.
Text - lets you select alignment and look of any text displayed in the Search Bar.
Border;Top, Border;Right, Border;Bottom, Border Left - let you add borders around the Search Bar.
The options for Borders are; Default (no border), none (no border same as Default), dotted (dots), dashed (dashes), solid (solid line), double (two parallel lines of the selected color), grove (two parallel lines of different colors dark and light version of selected color), ridge (same as grove, but with colors in reversed positions), inset (thicker line of darker color selected), outset (thicker line of lighter color selected), inherit (don't know what this one does).
Each of the Border lines may be changed in line width or colors for top, bottom, left, or right.

Header link - The Header link is the top of the profile That has the "Welcome to The Intention Experiment Community" Box and the actual Search box (it is just under the previous bar).
The same options are available for this box as for the Search Bar above (color, border, graphics, etc.).

Menu link - The Menu link controls the menu links that reside between the Header bar and your name on the main profile.
The same options are available for this box as in the previous 2 boxes. In addition, there are boxes to control the Link colors (link, and link hover).

Profile Header link - Changes the way your name and link is displayed. Options for Menu Link above apply here also.

Profile Header Link link - Changes the way your name link looks.

Profile Header Link;Hover link - This is used to change how your name looks while hovering over it.

Profile Link link - Controls how the links just under your profile name are displayed.

Profile Link;Hover link - Changes the way the Profile links are displayed while hovering over them.

Content link - This link lets you change the way the main content window looks. The only options here are for background color or graphic, and Font styles and color.

Block Body link - Controls how blocks are displayed. You can change the background color or graphic, the font style and color, and you can change the borders and padding of the major blocks.

Block Header link - Controls how each block header is displayed.

Bottom link - Controls how the footer is displayed (background, color, fonts, etc.).

Bottom Link link - Controls the text style and color of the links in the footer.

Bottom Link;Hover link - Controls how the footer links are displayed while hovering over them.

When you have made the changes that you like, click on the Save button at the top, then close. If you don't want to save the changes, just hit the close button and the changes will not be made.

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By Dean Davis
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So It Is
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The best way to do it is to go to the picture you want and click on it so it shows up full size. Then on the lower right hand side there is a box that is labeled Image Details. In that box is a URL of the picture on this site. Just copy that URL, then where the back ground asks for a color there is a place beside it for the link. Just paste that copied link into that box. It should show after a few seconds. If it does not try the save button to see if it shows up. Rose Butterfly Drinking_Smiley
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#4 September 23, 11:35 pm
Okeee Dokee, I'll try it again. . . . I have many loaded on my computer, but that doesn't help others. . . Can we add that information somewhere for some of the newbies? or oldies that came back?

If this information is here somewhere I'm going to just plead, "blonde" (my bad . . but a truism on my accountLaugh

Thank you!
So It Is
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Somewhere in the help files it's there, but it was only for inserting a picture in a text box like this:, but it works the same way on the profile customization.

I was blonde up until I was about 20, does that mean I got wiser as I got older? Probably just a wise a**! Smile
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Note re #3 above, you need to copy the complete URL. If you click on it once, it will usually highlight the complete URL, even that part that is not showing. Sometimes, if you click on it twice, it only highlights and copies what is showing in the window, which is not a valid link, and then the background will default to the plain color background that is selected. Rose
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Well first it's great to have *ss! But Supreme to have a "SMART *ss! I mean look at the phones today the SMART phones are the highest priced . . . so think what a SMART *ss would run these dayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. . . . .

UR Right. . . .I double clicked I'm sure. Notice not SURELY. . .Don't ever call me Shirley.

So . . .off with another run . . . ta-a-run-tada-run run run . . . Laugh
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Hiya! It's been fun playing today. Do you know how I can make my profile page changes show up on my Blog page? For some reason it doesn't work. Here's my profile page . Thank you.
~Becky Jaine

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#9 February 14, 9:27 pm
Unfortunately, you are only able to modify your "own Profile page". All other pages are not modifiable. Sorry. Unhappy
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Thank you Dean. I just visited your page and felt like I was a butterfly floating in a field. Love your photography Smile As always, thank you for always helping me here.
~Becky Jaine

"An action is the perfection and publication of thought." Ralph Waldo Emerson
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