common object to imprint intention on?
#1 August 3, 4:41 pm
common object to imprint intention on?
In the intention experiment, Lynne describes an electrical device that's imprinted with intention in the Tiller experiments, which then transmits and multiplies them. You can buy it here, but it's expensive and I live in Europe. I'm wondering if it's possible to "charge" normal objects with intention, and if yes, what type of object is best? Basically, I'm looking for a quick and dirty workaround.

For example, water can hold intention. Can it also be used to multiply intention the way Tiller's device does? I know people use crystals for a similar purpose, but don't know anything about this. Any ideas appreciated!
#2 August 3, 5:47 pm
Hello Michelle. I agree that water can hold Intention. One of my practices has been to place labels on a glass water container, with words such as 'love' and 'mother' written on them. After a couple of days the water texture becomes finer, similar to wine, and has an aroma similar to roses. I have used it to bless the planet by pouring it on the ground in a circle.

How does this work? Of course the water does not actually read the words, but the words have a vibration which the water is aware of. The fact that water has consciousness was proven by Masaru Emoto. Also, you will see that I have a group which is called 'The Healing Matrix' where names are placed in a pyramid for healing. There are many others like it which have been linked together, hence the name. In that case, the pyramid is the object or vessel being used to focus and transmit the energy.

Water is an ideal medium because unlike many solid objects it is malleable and more able to receive and transmit healing energy. This is why the Romans in England would travel to Bath for their health. There were also metals in the water that helped, but the proof is in the fact that not only do we feel clean after a bath or a shower, we also feel revitalized. In conventional religion they use baptism, again a symbol of healing, cleansing, and renewal through the aqua medium.

There are doubtless other objects that you can use, and certainly crystals would be high on the list. These are relatively inexpensive and might be ideal for your purpose. The medium is something used to focus the energy you want to transmit in the same way that a spotlight would be focused on a performer, the power in your heart will surely be able to do this.
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#3 August 7, 6:53 pm
Thanks James! I know that water absorbs frequency, but I'm wondering more it can also project frequency, the way that William Tiller's electrical devices did (described in the Intention Experiment).
#4 August 8, 1:48 am
I think it is unlikely that an ordinary object could be used to the degree described in the experiment. As far as I can ascertain, the Tiller Device uses electronics in combination with Intention, to change the condition of what Lynne calls 'the Field'. It appears to work in a similar way to DNA in that respect. However, I would encourage you to experiment with ordinary object imprinting as you are interested in this field. One suggestion using water would be to split a bunch of flowers using two vases, one with the imprinted water, the other a control, and see how they fared?
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