Hope to investigate more
#1 October 7, 12:24 pm
Hope to investigate more
I am new here, studying Maths and Physics(2nd year) at University of Warwick in UK and plan to apply for undergraduate research experience during the coming summer(2014) at university. I have asked a professor, who said he is interested in research in consciousness and free will on his profile, to be my supervisor. However, after I described my idea and showed three books, The Source Field Investigation, The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life and Bridging Science and Spirit, he thought these such of things are no proof and not scientific. I understand these contents may be too weird for him so I am not going to complain him. I just want to know who should I ask for an undergraduate research experience in UK. Therefore, would you recommend any professor in UK who involves in the Source Field, Intension Experiment or similar research area? Because I really want to do further research on this area. I am looking for your suggestions. Thank you very much.
#2 October 8, 9:22 pm
Hi Cosmos.

If you could come to a university in America, check them ( Ph.D. Dr MD.)

I did buy "What the BLEEP. . ." and it changed my way to see the world,
and science !!

Lynne McTaggart is an expert on "The field" !

Blue skies.
Enjoy the marvelous "What the BLEEP do we know?! down the rabbit hole". www.whatthebleep.com
wich got me to "The Ra material" www.llresearch.org/library/the_law_of_one_pdf/the_... and here!
#3 October 8, 10:37 pm
Thanks for reply, in fact, I prefer to stay in UK rather than US but I will send an email
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