Introduction to The Intention Experiment Community Site
#1 March 24, 5:10 pm
Introduction to The Intention Experiment Community Site

Lynne McTaggarts Intention Experiment:
Using thoughts to create,
People from everywhere working in a common cause
To build a better world,
Where there is respect and appreciation for all life
And love for the planet,
A new age,
A new consciousness,
People becoming aware of their power,
A power given by Source,
To become co-creators,
Humanity are One People,
United in a common cause,
To create a better future for all,
A linking of hands
Across the globe,
And thoughts that traverse the Cosmos,
Creating the world as it should be,
And fit for those who come after us,
The Intention Experiment:
That’s our mission,
Come join us...

Focused Intent for perfect health
Business is booming
The IE Travelers (telepathy)
Focused Intent on creating experience by placing information in water
One Direction
Getting into the Vortex
Free the Earth
ABC4All Intention Meditation
The Rhythmology Experiment
Live your Intention
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#2 March 24, 5:15 pm
Group Leaders, would you please enter a brief decription of your group in the comment boxes below? Thanks.
#3 March 24, 7:40 pm
Focused Intent For Perfect Health - The purpose of this group is to schedule healing events so focused intention can placed for a healthy outcome. There were 3 events scheduled initially, but the plan is to add others along the way.
Old Codger
#4 April 20, 7:28 pm
#5 April 20, 7:41 pm
~The light shines from within~
#6 April 20, 7:44 pm
You're welcome Lori. I think it's only Part 1, but maybe more on Youtube.
#7 March 13, 5:19 pm
Is this community still active?

Researched a bit on Lynne McTaggart's profound research and experiments. Just realized today she crossed over more than a year ago...and of course her work lingers on and benefits a lot.

I wish to join any intent activity to help others achieve their desires; and be part of the experiment, if any.
#8 March 14, 1:29 pm
Hi Al, I assure you that Lynne McTaggart is still an active participant in this physical Reality. She'll likely be on here soon to publicise her new workshop. Keep checking in.
#9 February 24, 5:11 pm
I'm new here, and I'm a bit lost on your site. I was searching for a way to participate in the Intention Experiments, but have not found it yet. Are these experiments only orchastrated by individual groups?

As to "healing" experiments, I have a question. It seems to me that when the energy is focused on creating a 'human' vehicle, that the process of channeling that energy toward further creation can get very stuck. It does this when such focus puts boundaries on concepts the words emanating from concepts, in order to isolate and concentrate the focus. That leads to what some have called 'the ego' and all its associated thoughts, which are protective of its constructed boundaries.

I have many things happening in my body that I would prefer did not occupy my time. Setting the intention to rid myself of them seems to get in the way of my 'healing', as it is playing the game of the ego thought system. Rather, when I just allow myself the time to call forth and dwell in the experience of that enormous loving, powerful energy of life, I feel much better when I emerge from that experience.

Do your 'experiments' take into account and release the tendency to fear and want to get rid of the discomfort of non-balanced parts of the human system?
#10 February 24, 6:48 pm
Hi Georgianne.

You said.
...I was searching for a way to participate in the Intention Experiments...

I would say that an future experiment would be "publicized" here,
or there:
Lynne McTaggart's site
. . .check lower in the page.

You have that, too:

Blue skies.
Enjoy the marvelous "What the BLEEP do we know?! down the rabbit hole".
wich got me to "The Ra material" and here!
#11 February 24, 6:52 pm
Thanks C-Jean!
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