US Government ESP training
#1 November 17, 5:05 pm
US Government ESP training
I have a friend that was removed from middle school and her family in the mid-60's and placed in a special school in Washington, DC to be trained in ESP with other "specially selected" students from across the country. I believe these experiments were conducted by the US Army and were continued for a number of years. I was interested if anyone in this community knows anything more about these experiments.
#2 November 17, 7:58 pm
Hi Dave, according to some sources, the CIA trained people in what is termed 'remote viewing', which is pretty much the same thing. It's not widely publicized, neither is the fact that the Police will sometimes use a psychic to give them a lead in a clueless case.
#3 November 18, 6:11 pm
Hi all.

For more details on "remote viewing", get the book:
by Ingo Swann. 1998
ISBN 0-966-7674-0-3

I have a PDF.

Usualy, the men hired by the entity worked a few months,
because of the poor quality of their remote viewing.

Ingo was SO GOOD, the he worked a little over 13 YEARS
with them ! ! !

Blue skies.
Enjoy the marvelous "What the BLEEP do we know?! down the rabbit hole".
wich got me to "The Ra material" and here!
#4 December 1, 10:26 pm
I have attended remote viewing sessions from people from the Monroe Institute and saw amazing results. You can attend Monroe and do Gateway sessions which teaches how to get out of body and also remote view. Joe McGonicle (sp) is the best remote viewer they ever had.
#5 December 1, 10:31 pm
CIA and remote viewing
CIA also took children from families and put them into the MKultra program, which was to brainwash them with abuse and fear and give them over to handlers which then trained them in a variety of positions for use in government, such as sex slaves, spies.
#6 February 16, 8:45 pm

As a top secret witness that testified in Washington, I would like to share a related article I wrote having to do with CIA psyops and consciousness
Dan Willis
Disclosure Witness
#7 February 24, 4:28 pm
Hi Dan, thanks for your post, and the link. The basic principles you write about reality and consciousness I can certainly agree with, and it is certainly clear that the world we are living in is being manipulated, but I disagree with your theory of conspiracy to enslave the human race. Yes, there are people who are using manipulation for profit. There are others who genuinely believe that the public cannot handle the truth. Apathy among the general public is also rife. If you simply take Health Care for example, there are many people who are quite prepared to go on eating unhealthy food and failing to properly exercise just as long as Big Pharma can supply them with a pill to keep them going. A lot of shades of grey, not just the black and white you seem to see.

I do agree with you that the whole world can change by us changing our hearts, and I also agree that the tipping point may be very small. Lynne McTaggart has done much in her writing to create more awareness among the public. It's not just a matter of 'knowing' though. People have to care, and they also have ride the new energy without creating more dark energy. This means losing fear, and allowing the love in our hearts to go out to the world. That is another point on which I wholeheartedly agree with you. This is also why I believe that conspiracy theories, some of which are true and some false, only serve to further divide us rather than unite us as the Human Race.
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