Beloved School Teacher Shatters Pelvis: Healing Requested
#1 September 4, 4:21 pm
Beloved School Teacher Shatters Pelvis: Healing Requested
Hi, I just learned of another good soul who met with misfortune. A high school teacher of my son and daughter was trying to enjoy a precious vacation from working two jobs. He and his friend were riding the guy's wave runners on a local lake where one of the machines malfunctioned and ran over this teacher. When it hit him, it shattered his pelvis and shoved the bone fragments into his gut cavity. Amazingly he survived this without bleeding to death internally or sepsis or paralysis or whatever and they pieced his bones back together.

As he hobbles around with a walker in his very young 40s, he is depressed. This once active happy man with two kids and a wife to support is now and forever will be I fear, a cripple. As he mends, I would like to rustle up some good energy and speedy healing to his bones. Also an intent of a continuation of flexiblity in the pelvis. I knew a woman once who survived a shattered pelvis and she didn't heal right. She always walked stiffly and couldn't ambulate her pelvis.

My son will go to see this man and visit him with a friend to perk up his spirits. Please send a "package" of healing intent and good energy that my son can deliver as a vessel for this poor teacher and his family.

Words have power in that other place.
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