Healthy skin
#1 October 31, 12:26 am
Healthy skin
I have been suffering from my skin cracking on my fingers for the last 2 years, all the creams prescribed by the doctor do not help. In last 8 months I developed a rash on my shin and its not going away. I would like help with my intention of healthy skin as it was.
#2 October 31, 12:54 am
Contact Dean Davis and ask him to set up a healing event for you. BTW, your own Intention needs to be clear, simply Intend 'healthy skin', that's all. As the problem is mainly with your hands, you might want to focus on them first. Talk to your body, talk to your hands. Your body has an innate intelligence that constantly works to keep it in good health. Make your body aware that you want to do all you can to help it to be healthy.
#3 November 1, 3:58 am
My wife had cracking skin, especially on her fingers. It was helped tremendously by her taking a good quality multi B vitamin complex (with a variety of B vitamins). She found that she had to take at least twice the recommended amount because her body was so low in B vitamins.
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Old Codger
#4 November 2, 3:39 am
Thank you guys for your recommendations. I will apply them to my daily life.
#5 December 4, 12:56 am
Thank you guys for your prayers my skin on my hands is in great shape and the skin on my shin made some improvement too.
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