Pacific radiation levels
#1 June 16, 7:52 pm
Pacific radiation levels
There has been a lot of talk about rising levels of radioactivity in the Pacific since the Fukashima disaster. I recall Drunvalo Melchizedek mentioning the posibility of lowering radiation levels in certain areas of the environment through intention, and Mer-Ka-Bah meditation. I think the possibility of solving such a serious environmental issue is something certainly worth working toward.
#2 June 17, 8:27 pm
Hi, Scott.

...lowering radiation levels in certain areas of the environment through intention...

We could try to bring that idea there ?:

That would make a BIG MANY persons doing it !!

Blue skies.
Enjoy the marvelous "What the BLEEP do we know?! down the rabbit hole".
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#3 June 18, 1:08 am
We've been doing just that on the White Eagle Earth Healing group for a long long time. 'Sendai' is the fourth item listed on my profile. The first is the Amazon Rain Forest, and this is so important that Earth Healers have been asked to focus on it twice in a session.

This is the wording for the healing of Sendai.....quote

"Let us hold the area around Sendai, Japan, the earth, the waters, the air, all of nature in the shining light of the Christ Star. We see that golden light infusing every atom, cleansing, healing, and restoring all that has been affected by the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident, restoring harmony and balance.

We see humankind working in co-operation with the angels of nature for the balance and healing of our planet."

..........end of quote

In the above wording, the 'Christ Star' is the Sun, the physical form of the Cosmic Christ, the Light, which is universal, and not connected to any religion devised by humans. No matter what creed (or none) that you follow, you can Intend for the planet!
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#4 June 20, 2:55 am
Wow! Thank you, James, for the information. C-Jean. I don't really know how many it would take, but Drunvalo has stated that he has been measurably effective with a relatively small group via certain meditation techniques. I think the level of focus and concentration upon an intent is a major factor in the level of effectiveness.
What would be interesting is to have some method of measuring the radiation being emitted from a specific area, having a group focus on lowering the radiation levels in that particular area, and measuring the result.
It is great that it is an issue that is being addressed. But I think if we can learn more about this phenomenon by scientific exploration, we can make it more successful, as well as being able to share with the scientific community another example of the ever-expanding applications of consciousness.
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