peace of mind/peace of heart
#1 October 8, 3:52 am
peace of mind/peace of heart
I am traveling through life rather off kilter, taking care of my 94 year old mother and trying to succeed in my new work responsibilities; I am having no life of my own for a few years now and want to change my perspective and intentions to allow me freedom to have peace with my responsibilities while enjoying myself, having friends back in my life, and looking forward to all that lies ahead. I want to stp "surviving" these days and get back to living. I would be grateful for any energy from this community to help guide me back to a living path! Please. Thank you.
#2 October 15, 10:00 pm
I hope things get better for you soon, I understand what you are saying. All I can offer you is my thoughts and prayers for living the life you desire. Hugs to you.
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#3 October 15, 10:22 pm
Thank you for taking time to respond, Judy. I appreciate your thoughts/prayers! Best wishes to you and happy dreams!
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