So tired
#1 October 15, 10:09 pm
So tired
Well, I seem to keep attracting so much negativity. The man who I was seeing cut me off, blocked me from contacting him. Financially, I lost a case in front of a rental board cause I left my apartment in an emergency move, was totally unlivable. This was in May. I am now being contacted saying that I have 5 days to make a total payment of $1 800 and if not they will take action to go after me to collect their money. So, I do not have this money as I am on welfare (don't want to be but I am) so I am scared, not sure what I can do. Just tired of fighting, seems all I do. If anyone can send some positive thoughts to me, I would greatly appreciate it. It is harder cause I suffer with depression/anxiety.
#2 October 27, 7:46 pm
Hi Judy,

Sending positive thoughts your way. Bope things have improved with you since your last post.
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#3 November 11, 1:43 am
Well, I gotta say thanks, cause right now it does look a lot clearer. I am also living in a better place. Thanks for the positive thoughts!
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