Gary Gill
Posted June 7, 2015 by Gary Gill
Who is the problem? Where is the problem? What is the problem? How does the problem perpetuate itself? Why is there a problem? How will we arrive at a solution? Is there a solution?
These are the questions that beset us all at this time. No one is immune from them, no one is in a safe and protected position from which to ignore them. In fact, a major aspect of the problem is the overwhelming desire to ignore it. So let’s start there. Is there an escape for any of us individually? Can we find a place to hide or a walled off city in which we can keep our families and friends safe from what’s coming? Or maybe we should start with what the problem is and leave our efforts to save ourselves from it until later.
One big aspect of the problem is we are destroying our habitat. Not just our physical habitat, but our emotional and social habitat too. The destruction of our physical habitat actually is a result of the destruction of our emotional and social habitat, and our spiritual habitat as well. One symptom that can show where we are heading is teenage suicide rates. The CDC recently reported that, in the US, one in six teenagers consider suicide and one in twelve attempt it. Those are staggering numbers. No child left behind is clearly not what is happening. They’re all being left behind. 20% of our teens are bullied in the first two years of high school. That’s one of every five kids ages 12-14. That means if that many kids are being bullied, there are a lot of bullies out there. It’s an epidemic. It’s another reflection of the crisis we are approaching and the crisis we are already in.
That’s habitat destruction right there. Our children can’t get through high school without being bullied or knowing a lot of other kids who are being bullied. They can’t get through high school without thinking about suicide, attempting suicide or knowing a lot of kids who did. Numbers that large make the issue a reality in the environment. It’s not an anomaly, it’s a lot of kid’s reality, a majority of kids. And that makes it our reality, whoever is included in our “our”. What happens to our children is happening to us. When our children are scarred in high school, so are we. The effects that manifest in them plague them and us for years, decades and lifetimes. We are being plagued by our childhoods over years, decades and lifetimes. It is what happened to us that is happening to them only multiplied and magnified by another generation of abandonment and abuse. It is time to turn this bus around and head in another direction.
We can talk about the loss of species on the planet. Normal background rate of extinction of species on the planet over the last 65 million years runs 1 to 5 species per year. We are currently running at 1,000 to 10,000 per year. There are credible estimates that by mid century we will have lost half of all life on our planet. Nobody knows what the effect of such a huge die off will be. But no one is predicting it to be benign. We are in the middle of a disaster in the making and virtually doing nothing to stop it. There have been other die off’s of species in the past, quite distant past. All of them were due to sudden physical changes to the planet such as meteor strikes, volcanic eruptions, or climate shifts. But this time it is totally coming from human activity.
If you think you can avoid either of these aspects of the situation at hand, teen despair and suicide and extinction of species, you are deluding yourself. Life on earth is part of a web. Harm the web and life is harmed, all life, no exceptions. There are other aspects of the problem we can look at here like concentration of wealth in the hands of very few individuals and the impoverishment of the vast majority of humanity, but we have looked at the problem enough to be able to say unequivocally that there is one and that it is serious. We have to do something now. Immediately. Nothing else really matters. Of course we would all like to say, what can I do about something so huge? Who am I? I am not a scientist or a social worker and even if I were, there are a lot of them and all they seem to be able to do is tell us there is a problem. What can we do?
We have to realize there is a problem. Admit that we are in danger, mortal danger, right now and that we have to do something today, and every day for the rest of our lives. All of us. It won’t start out as all of us but it has to start somewhere and here and now is where that is. It has to start with us who are reading this right now because that’s who is here right now.
Once that hurdle is behind us, once we realize there are no other options for our future and the future of humankind, that we have to do something and that we have to do it now and we have to keep doing it for the rest of our lives, we are ready to take a serious look at how this came about in the first place. Understanding the origin of the current situation is crucial. A big part of the way we got here was by trying to effect solutions that were really just part of the problem itself. We have to see deeper into this mystery, we have to approach this on a much deeper level that anything that’s been tried for many thousands of years. Everything that’s been done in the last 10,000 years by modern humanity has brought about the crisis we are currently threatened by. We have to understand what happened from at least a ten thousand year perspective and make corrections at that level or we die, our children die and most of the life on the planet dies for the foreseeable future. We go extinct is what we’re looking at here. Nothing less.
First step: Join “Heal Ourselves, Heal the World”. I’ll be posting a lot over the next few days about how we got here and what we can do to correct our course. I have some of the pieces of the puzzle, each of you have some others. We need to put them together now. Tell your friends. It starts here. It starts now.
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James Milton wrote at June 8, 2015
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Gary, you clearly do not understand how Intention works. It's not a question of ignoring anything but of focusing on the world that we want, If we focus on what we don't want that's what we'll get, the Universe does not recognize a negative! If you're sending out your Light then you're doing a great deal to make things better. Don't be fazed by how things look on the surface, the Shift is changing everything but it takes time. God is not in a hurry.
James Milton
Gary Gill wrote at June 8, 2015
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James - Thanks for commenting. I agree with you and don't at the same time but that is the view from beyond dualism. Either way, its ok. Where's everyone gone on this site? There used to be a lot of people here? Did something happen?
Gary Gill