Can leaders bring the world lasting Peace?
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Paul Foss wrote at June 7, 2013
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I don't delegate my responsibility for lasting to others. Each is responsible for their own peace.
Paul Foss
C-JEAN wrote at June 6, 2013
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Hi, peace fans !

I voted no, because we should all know that the
so called "leaders" are puppets, manipulated by:
oil, armament, big pharma, M0n$ant0, etc. . .
AND, one of those manipulators does NOT want peace, and
maybe that one, armament, is the most powerful !$!

Examples: See who runs the FAA, the FDA. . .?
Where did they worked, before ?

"Follow the money", right ?
I may sound "down/sarcastic", but it's the sad truth.

Blue skies
Geoff wrote at June 6, 2013
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paul wrote at January 26, 2013
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Can the leaders bring the world lasting peace? Certainly they have the ability and opportunity. Will they bring the world lasting peace? I have substantial doubt, but not hopelessness..
Geoff wrote at January 26, 2013
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You bring up several interesting concepts paul. The leaders of the world certainly have the opportunity to bring lasting peace to the world. Their ability obviously is not evident otherwise the outcome would be lasting world peace already.

Doubt and hope are fear based concepts. No leader should possess them. It is precisely these negative characteristic traits of past leaders that is evidenced by dozens if not hundreds of military misadventures.

Assuming one believes in a system with leaders and followers which I don't it is counter productive for world leaders to bring lasting peace to the world. Conflict and war are the direct outcome of any system based on separation and division and war is a fundamental pillar of capitalism based on competition.

Competition after all is war in another cloak. To win is the aim. To not win is to lose. So it is a win/lose scenario. Collateral damage might be people losing their jobs and homes rather than being injured or killed by modern weapons but the suffering is the same.
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Geoff wrote at January 26, 2013
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They just don't Grok it and as a consequence their followers don't Grok it either Tongue
Isnea wrote at April 1, 2013
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Geoff, absolutely more than valid input. Although a Grok must be some Australian expression. ;-) No idea what it means.

Unfortunately the system is in it's core rotten. One leader can't change the world, we must all help instead of looking to the other side.