Suffering:What percentage of people in the world live on less than $2.50 a day?
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paul wrote at January 26, 2013
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I would guess it to be the largest percentage you have posted, but believe we must not forget relativity when forming our perspective of quality of life. Just because people have more money does not equate to true happiness or quality of life. It may equate to a pseudo happiness. In Brasil I have come to know many that are quite quite comfortable with their seemingly(from my perspective) destitute level of life. In the US this level of prosperity can only equate to a poor quality of life as the basic cost of essential needs rises well above $2.50/day. Of course if you live comfortably off the land and are self reliant and self sufficient, you are basically living on more than $2.50/day when the value is monetarily calculated.
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Geoff wrote at January 26, 2013
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Monetary measure I agree is a bit like accident safety based on the body count. A poor measure of accident safety. The monetary figure of $2.50 USD is a UN measure that at least tries to put a monetary value on the scale and face of suffering. Poverty is only one aspect of suffering. Malnutrition is another.

The real measure of suffering comes from many sources and in many forms such as no dwelling structure save a plastic sheet or cardboard box, no tap water supply, no sanitation, no nutrition, no medical support, illiteracy through generations no concrete or black top road, no dental care, more often a dwelling with no heat or cooling, vermin infestations, no electricity of course. Oh and $2.50 USD a day. Almost forgot to mention that paul.

Relativity is exactly what I am concerned with paul. In many of the countries that have citizens living on less than $2.50 per day other citizens are living on well in excess of 1 million dollars a year after tax.

To give you an example of suffering relativity I walked/rode (Scooter)(Train) around Mumbai a city of 19 million citizens in India and observed A multi storey building that was the home of one Indian man and his family on the West side of Mumbai facing the Indian ocean.

No more than a pistol shot from any of the many storey windows was the (Proudly announced) largest slum in Asia.

Want more relativity? My friend who is Cargo Manager for Mumbai International Airport lives in a modest Circa 1970's one bed one bath apartment with no lift, on the East side of Mumbai. On the street outside his apartment building at night a ghost city appears. Hundreds of plastic sheets draped over a fence or wall beside the footpath, under which hundreds of families sleep and eat at night. During the day these tent cities vanish as if by magic and the occupants of 2-3 generations sell flowers, newspapers, cheap cigarettes, gum etc. under bridges and in alleyways, to survive.

I could give more personal examples but this is not the place. I am happy to say that there is nobody in NZ living for under $2.50 per day. The minimum wage is $13.50 NZD per hour. The various benefits for disabled, sick, accident victims, solo mothers etc, is better than the minimum wage on a weekly basis.

And yet suffering occurs in NZ (Relatively).