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Ab wrote at November 19, 2013
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This video link should answer your question on the unemployment subject and also give a solution... So beautifully said by Nick Hanauer:
James Milton wrote at January 26, 2013
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The one key factor is lack of opportunity, lack of jobs. This is dependent on the economy and whether or not it is growing or shrinking. This is controlled by the energy in the system, which is symbolised by the currency. It's the reason that Greece is in trouble because they are locked into the Euro and their economy cannot break out of stagnation.
The UK in the 30's was in a slump long after everybody else because they clung to the Gold Standard. This restricts the money (energy) in the system. Inserting more money in the economy will help it grow, until eventually, as in the US under Clinton in the 90's, a huge surplus was reached and a healthy economy. The problem in the US is that the wrong things are being cut. Taking Police, Firefighters and teachers out of the workforce means that they have no money to spend and the economy shrinks. The excess spending is on foreign adventures that bleed money out of the economy, and the idea that billionaries contribute anything, with their foreign tax shelters is a farce, and the statistics prove it. In my view the House of Representives has much in common with the British 'Rump' parliament that was dissolved by Cromwell in the 17th century because of their self serving behavior.
James Milton