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Words are spells.

The things we say are incantations for manifest reality….

Thank god not every, single thing we say comes true, but if we are aware of this natural process, we can harness its power to step into our own, as Conscious Creators of our own reality…

From my perspective, FIRST we have desires, without words or conscious awareness…these desires are born from the Dream of our Spirit, and are the things which would give us unprecedented Joy, if we would but heed them….

…our desires are our waving flags to our happiness and fulfillment as human beings, and when realized into physical form, complete the union of Divinity blended with Physicality….

SECOND, we have imagination, which takes the feeling of the desire and creates a fantasy of longing in our minds and hearts…

….now, MOST people stop right here because they do not believe their dreams can come true…they are choosing to believe in fear-based Mass Program, which says we must be afraid of our desires for any number of silly reasons….

…so most people continually cycle around in a circle in their minds, from desire, to imagination, to fear and resulting dis-ease….and eventually desire returns…all to repeat endlessly, and that’s why so many people are so darn miserable….

THIRD we have the spoken word, be it spoken thru the mouth, or typed on a computer screen…these thoughts are the first PHYSICAL manifestation of our dreams…

….the words come from a place of FLOW, where the speaker makes the CHOICE not to go ‘round in a circle with their energetic expression, but chooses to release their desires into the physical world….

FOURTH…the spoken word takes form into physicality, the speed of which depends upon the speaker’s willingness to just let the words BE and not take them back…

…there is a belief/nonbelief yo-yo effect which goes on in the mind as a person first learns to use this tool for conscious creation…he will say the words and “believe” them at the time, but then later, because of ingrained energetic ruts repeated thru lifetimes of Mass Program, he will stop believing, and therefore, the words are nullified…..

Once we see that we do this, we can make the conscious CHOICE to just let the words BE, and when fear and disbelief grab us, we can AGAIN make the conscious CHOICE to release the fear and just let the words stand as we spoke them….

This is a process which needs to be LEARNED, and is not an overnight thing for most people, and that is the purpose of this group….

That is what this group is about….consciously manifesting our dreams…

We aren’t gonna go all knowledgeable or debate-frenzied….we are gonna just SPEAK our dreams with authority and as much courage as we can muster…and then we are just gonna let those words sit there on that paper, and if we go into fear or disbelief about them, we are just gonna let them sit there anyway….

And maybe we can read some other stuff written by other people about what THEIR dreams are, and maybe we can realize that we are all in this together, and if our buddy John – or Pete, or Betty.. – can just let THEIR words sit there so can we,,…..

Also, it is a whole lot easier to believe in SOMEONE ELSE'S dream than it is to believe in your OWN, so what we will do here is believe in each other's dreams FOR THEM, and then that way if we are a little shakey in the belief department at first, there will be a safety net below our dreams....

....if we have a bad day when we say to ourselves, "i just can't believe this CRAP..!" then at least we will know that the other members of the group who have read our words, are believing FOR us....

....this is called CO-CREATION...AND IT IS WONDERFUL....OMG...Grin

And that’s how we’re gonna do it….

Comments are welcome, and I’m just gonna let this group FLY as it will, but remember, the purpose here is to get our dreams OUT onto paper and into physicality, and just LEAVE THEM THERE….okay, gang…?

And we will sit back and watch as our dreams and other’s dreams start to magically manifest, and we will take heart and courage and move together as ONE….

As you feel your heart more, you will feel your joy, your spirit, your love…the past is done, the past is gone, it is time to bury it, bury all of it…there is nothing that you need in the past, no knowledge, no learning, everthing that you learned, every wound release changes your energy, changes your energy field, changes your reality…

when that is done, it is done…you do not need to retain a memory, a learning, a story…the feeling of the need to remember comes from fear…there is nothing to fear…Source does not repeat, it expands forever…this is moving more and more into the Now, …

you can begin to understand what I am speaking of here…can you imagine meeting someone new and your telling them about yourself…do you tell them about your Present, who you are Now, what you are doing, what your joy is, what your passion is? Or do you tell them about the past? When you tell them about your past, do you tell them about achievements, accomplishments, celebrations, victories? Or do you tell them about wounds?

Because when you do that, you bring the wound into the Present, the Now alive…you continue to lie it down within your energy field…because this is the understanding…your spirit does not exist in time in the same way you do here…when you enter this reality, it is not that you go thru some type……..the power of choice…it is thru your choices that you are creating, you create, you unfold you ------- your reality thru your choices

You can create whatever you wish…the dream is in your heart, and may be different from the past dreams of your mind. When you come into contact with your heart, you will begin to feel its dream, and dreams of the mind are let go of.

As you step into the dream of your heart it may seem at first, unimaginable….know that the very fact that you are dreaming it means that you are imagining it, and if you are imagining it, then you are beginning to create it…

All that stands between you and it are your wounds, your beliefs in limitation, the very belief that it is not possible…

….so feel your dream now, in your heart…what is your dream? What is Heaven on Earth for you? What is Nirvana? What do you seek?

…now I hope you are picking wonderful, outrageous dreams….indulgent dreams…. for many of the dreams of your heart will initially, be very self-indulgent…this is the pendulum swinging back from self-sacrifice…

if the dream you dreamt is a dream for the world, for your country, for others, even your family, I ask you for this moment to choose a dream that is just for YOU. You cannot dream for others, for each are sovereign creators of their own reality…you each came here to have the unique experience of you…

….the best you can do for anyone…the best you can do for all…the best you can do for your family, your friends, is to be in your JOY…to DREAM and LIVE your JOY…

as long as you are trying to dream for others before yourself, you will keep yourself where THEY are choosing to be…

the New Energy, the New Reality that is birthing cannot be forced upon you, or forced upon anyone else…no one can be manipulated into it…persuaded into it…this is a path, a very singular path of becoming sovereign, to become complete and whole within your own being…

to know that you are the complete creator of your own reality, and to step into that…to know that all that is even in co-creation with others, every detail of it you have agreed to…is to stand fully in your own power .

To feel that respect in you, that respect from and for the outside world, regarding your right to create, you must respect the rights of others, their right to be as they are, and that can be difficult if you love them and they are choosing pain, suffering, victimhood…

when you are in your JOY that will touch them more than anything else…

so at this time, I ask that you go back into your heart, feel your spirit, and feel the selfish, indulgent dream for YOU…what do YOU want? YOU who is creating your reality….YOU that is choosing this….just YOU…what do YOU want? For YOU?

As you come to realize the beauty, the truth, that you are the creator of your reality, the more you allow yourself to feel this dream in your heart without slamming it down with negative beliefs and limited thoughts…the more you can allow this feeling, the more it will enter and embody…enter your energy field, and be reflected out into the world around you, the more you will be living it…

do not fear or repress the doubts that are in you….allow the doubts that are in you to come up…allow those thoughts that tell you that it is not possible…let them come up so that you can see them, those thoughts from the Societal Program…

there are Societal Programs on a global level, for each country, for each religion, different organizations, ideologies….these are well-formed energetic pathways…these are the thoughts that tell you that you are limited, that tell you not to think too big…to tow the line…to fall in place…these are not YOU…

these were beliefs that you took on when you were not yet ready to feel all that you are…you are ready now…feel all that you are…you are a citizen of the world…you are Source…you are God…you are sovereign…

most of you have lived many lives…how can you say that you are any one thing?

You have each been male and female…you have lived in many different countries…have spoken many different languages…experienced many different forms of sexuality…you have been conquerors and victims…oppressors and slaves…you have danced the dance from all sides to come to where you are now…

as your energy changes, your reality changes…

you are your own sovereign, energetic system, and nothing…nothing can touch your energy field except by your choice…nothing can happen to you except by your choice…you are completely responsible for every aspect of your reality, and that is divine and joyous, for whatever you are feeling that you do not like you can change…

…you have everything you already need…you do not need anyone else’s permission…you do not need anyone to do anything for you to be free…all beliefs to the contrary are an illusion, are a lie from the Program that keeps you in limitation…

this journey is up to you…if you resonate with these words, then feel it, and say “I am”…own it… claim it…be it

There is a burning, burning sun within your being, and there is no end to it…there is no end to the New Energy that you can birth and name as you will…create what you will… create the selfish, indulgent dream in your heart…feel it to live it…to walk into it…and know that you are God…and as you live your dream…that selfish indulgent dream will benefit the whole planet… Source… God… All…more than anything else you could do…

living the dream in your heart is to be yourself…it is to be all that you are and say ….“I am unashamed…this is me…love me…or get the heck out of my life”

….enjoy creating….

so be IT

And we will PARTY HARDY….ohhhhhh yeah…..!!!

We can DO this…ohhhhh YES we can…!!!


and another the PICTURES and the VIDEO sections, we are gonna post pictures of our dreams, and of other's dreams....anything that has the energy of what the person is wanting.....sometimes you will see a picture and wonder WHAT THE FUDGE it is doing there, and the reason is because somebody felt that for whatever reason, it represented the FEELING of their dreams....

like i put a pic of my MANIFESTING CRYSTAL because the energy of it is the energy of MY i just threw it into the mix of ALL our energies....and Bertha posted a pic of herself for Bob, because he said "Hubba Hubba" and i guess she thought HE was "Hubba Hubba"...who the heck knows...

...and i posted my old profile pic of me with the Yellow Flower because Sandy-Paul mentioned it....

but that's the isn't a knowledge about something, it is a FEELING about something...and that's why we do it....

we are creating a Vortex of Desire

Magical Power of WORDS
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Dean Davis wrote at March 14, 2014
0 Votes
It's been a long time. Have any of your dreams come true while the Community web site was down during the last 4 months?
Dean Davis
Aleksandra Stojkovic-Van Goethem wrote at November 18, 2013
0 Votes
Dear Rita, I thank you for inviting me to join this group. This comes (as alwaysSmile) in the right moment. I'm on the way of changing my profession from Light Designer to Light Therapist...I always knew that LIGHT was attracting me, but it took some years to realize that it's another aspect of it that I am interested in.

My DREAM is to became fully aware of who I AM and to fulfill my soul purpose. My DREAM is to, through my work, help people around me remember who they are and give them support on their way. I choose to live in LOVE and JOY and radiate it into the world. My DREAM is to be enlightened. LOVE and LIGHT to ALL
Aleksandra Stojkovic-Van Goethem
Rita Maye wrote at November 18, 2013
0 Votes
A DREAM of mine has come true…!!! I have written and recorded an original song called Make Me Feel Just Fine
. … with the inspired co-creative skills of James Milton, my Tekkie-Tech and Chief Maestro…..

…..many more to come….!!! Smile

Thank you, Dream Maker…..

….Rita Maye Forever
Rita Maye
Judy Blair wrote at November 11, 2013
0 Votes
My dream is to see my children's book published and selling well and putting smiles on the faces of millions of children all over the world. My dream is to walk through this world the spirit of joy, peace and love and share it wherever I am. My dream is for me and my loved ones to be fully realized spiritually and physically.
Judy Blair
Teresa A Pitts wrote at November 10, 2013
0 Votes
My Dream is to feel, be, and connect with all that I am. My DREAM is to express/share my feelings, desires, and creativity with others even when they don't appreciate it. My dream is to realize that I am worthy and deserving of love and success. My DREAM is to connect with my soul purpose.
Teresa A Pitts
Katharina Herold wrote at November 8, 2013
0 Votes
I want this world to be full of joy and heartopened exchange between all creatures!
Katharina Herold
Rita Maye wrote at November 9, 2013
0 Votes
Printed and submitted….

So be IT
Rita Maye
Pritish Kumar wrote at November 8, 2013
0 Votes
My dream is to be enlightened,kind hearted, strong, fearless.Sun Flower
Pritish Kumar
Rita Maye wrote at November 9, 2013
0 Votes
Printed and submitted….

So be IT
Rita Maye
John Ward wrote at November 7, 2013
0 Votes
My dream is to know that this is indeed a beautiful dream.......... in all ways, always
John Ward
Rita Maye wrote at November 9, 2013
0 Votes
Printed and submitted….

So be IT
Rita Maye
Linda Cook wrote at November 7, 2013
0 Votes
I just love how things just come together, so there I was watching Greg Braden on this very subject and up pops a request from Rita to join this group <grin>

I know that field is both out there and in me, so my dream is to bring my awareness to it in every single moment
Linda Cook
Rita Maye wrote at November 9, 2013
0 Votes
Printed and submitted….

So be IT
Rita Maye
Jalyn Smith wrote at September 11, 2013
0 Votes
My daily dream is to get my health back on track, to be in perfect health and to remain that way. I also dream to be married to my love, and that together we will experience an abundance of love, good health, wealth, happiness, prosperity, joy, and laughter, just to name a few. Smile Thank you for allowing me to share with you all!! I am excited to be a part of the group and see how all of our will dreams manifest.
Jalyn Smith
Rita Maye wrote at November 9, 2013
0 Votes
Printed and submitted….

So be IT
Rita Maye
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