This group was set up as a cooperative idea by several members of the IE community as an experiment to see how focused intentions can be used to improve health. It is also a place to share any Natural or "Home Remedies" for improved health.

Initially 3 individuals were scheduled, but others are added from time to time. Please check in often and look at the events panel for scheduled events. If you have an interest in intention for healing, please consider joining this group. To join this group, just click on the Join Group button. It can be found either at the bottom or to the right side.

To view past events, click on the Events tab below the group name, then click on Past Events on the right side menu.

Also, if you feel the need for focused Intent For Perfect Health, you may join the group and schedule an and event for yourself or a loved one. If you are unsure about how to do this, contact one of the administrators of this group.

To schedule an Event yourself, click on the Event tab just below the group name, then click on the Create New Event sub-menu, you will be taken to a page with a form for making an event.
There are 3 steps for making an event:
Step 1: Event Details
Step 2: Customize
Step 3: Invite Guests

In Step 1: Event Details, you must select a Category and sub-category (I don't know why, you just do). Next you must select a Name: for the event, and you may add a tag line.
A Host: name must be added.
Below the Host: box is a Description: text box where you can add the details of the event.
Below the Description: box is a Privacy: selection box. The options are:
Public (Everyone Can join)
Private(Does not show up anywhere and only invited users can RSVP)
Next you need to select a start date and time, and a stop date and time.
Next select the Country, and optionally State, City, zip code.
Next the Location/Venue: (Usually Here on the Community) unless you wish the event in a physical location.
When finished, click on the Create Event Button.

In Step 2: you can upload a photograph.

In Step 3: you can invite guests. You can select people you want to invite to the event. The only catch is that they must be on your "friends" list.

That's all there is to schedule an event.

In order to help publicize an event, you can go to the Bulletins list and create a new Bulletin to advertise the event.

Rainbow Group Logo By Nevaeh.

Picture below inspired by Jill Coley

Helping Hands

For Those Who Wish To Do Health Interventions Daily Please Read Below

From Jeremy Ellis:

"I made the website with this approach everyone in the world meditates at the same time by using the concept of Greenwich Mean Time GMT or UTC. You start the video at GMT 14:14:00.

The video is a guided intention about 4 different people each day. A child who needs better health, A Teen who needs HOPE, a Parent who needs better employment and a senior who needs company. In San Fran it would be 7:14 am but in London it would be 3:14 pm. I hope someone likes it."

Dean Davis wrote at March 14, 2014
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Just a quick note on this group to let everyone know that the Community web site is back up and running again after almost 4 months down.
Dean Davis
paul wrote at August 13, 2013
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Congrats Catherine. There is some special feeling that accompanies such findings. I am not familiar with the book but I have a feeling several here are. The 70's were such an exuberant fountain of thought and caring interest and discovery. I am guessing that this book probably shows signs of that. Myself I was too busy trying to eke out an existence. Married anew in November of that year. In love, confused and immersed in myself too much to notice all the other paths to journey. Nice to have IE Community to go to these days.
Catherine Price wrote at August 12, 2013
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Hello! I just found this FABULOUS book, an oldy, 1975. The Miracle of Metaphysical Healing, by Evelyn M. Monahan. My higher power left it for me in the free pile at the library. Has anyone else read this book? It is clear, easy to understand and do. She suggests forming healing groups. It is like SETH for preschoolers, it is so simple...anyway, I am interested in healing myself and others. Smile Catherine
Catherine Price
Miyako wrote at June 22, 2014
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Hi! I am interested. Have you formed some healing groups yet? I would appreciate any guidance. Thank you. Smile
Dean Davis wrote at October 23, 2012
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Today, 10/23/2012, I expanded the focus of the Group "Focused Intent For Perfect Health" to include natural or "Home Remedies" that improve health. Please use the Forum tab below the group name to access and comment on these types of things. Thanks.
Last Update on October 23, 2012 by Dean Davis
Dean Davis
Dean Davis wrote at June 24, 2012
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Welcome, BeGoodKids, to the group "Focused Intent For Perfect Health". Smile
Dean Davis
Dean Davis wrote at June 23, 2012
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Welcome, Gail, to the group "Focused Intent For Perfect Health".Smile
Last Update on June 23, 2012 by Dean Davis
Dean Davis
Dean Davis wrote at June 15, 2012
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Cecile, welcome to the group "Focused Intent For Perfect Health". Smile
Dean Davis
Dean Davis wrote at May 4, 2012
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Sabine, welcome to the group "Focused Intent For Perfect Health".Smile
Dean Davis
Dean Davis wrote at March 27, 2012
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Rita, since you seem to be lost: welcome to this community. You will find many interesting people and ideas here on this site. Browse around and ask questions.
If you go to the top of the Dashboard, and click Explore, then click Forum, you will find at the bottom a thread named FAQ's. Near the top of that are some HELP threads that may help with some of the navigation of this site.
Also explore our focused interest groups, and consider joining any or all that appeal to you. It's easy. On the main Dashboard, click on Explore, then click on Groups, and you will see a list of groups. Click on any group to find out additional information.
There are also blogs and bulletins to read, as well as videos and photos people have uploaded.
Again, welcome. Smile
Dean Davis
Rita Maye wrote at March 27, 2012
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thank you, you ole fuzzy person, you....

i'm new around here, so i appreciate all the help i can get...Smile

could you point me to the Powder Room, please..?
Rita Maye
Rita Maye wrote at March 27, 2012
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omg!!! i haven't been a member of THIS group, either!!!!

WHERE have i BEEN???!!!

Dubya, i'm just sneaking in this minute....don't be mad
Rita Maye
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