Intending Health for ME with EFT
#1 April 21, 9:45 pm
Intending Health for ME with EFT
For those unfamiliar with EFT, it's essentially a way to tap on acupuncture points to alleviate pain, encourage healing, and equalize the energy flowing through your body. I tap for both physical and emotional health usually once a day, sometimes more often depending on what's going on.

This is a place to keep links to the videos and information that I like best, as I find them I'll post them here. Please feel free to add to it.

This one looks like a great shortcut and I'll be incorporating the double tap. Anything to cut down repetitions is a good thing!

I usually tap at least twice. The first time to release the negative emotion or sensation that I don't want. The second time to replace it with what I DO want.

For example, today I am really, really sore. My muscles are screaming because I did too much yoga, so here's how it goes.
I start with the karate chop point, saying "Even though I'm really sore, I deeply and profoundly love and respect myself" "Even though I hurt my body last night, I deeply and profoundly love and respect myself."

Then I start at the crown, and tap down through the points saying, "I release all pain." Sometimes I say the same thing through all the points, sometimes I change them up depending on how many things I NEED to say out loud. By the time I tap my collarbones, I'm usually saying, "I'm starting to feel better already."

Then I tap the karate point again saying, "I release all resistance to feeling wonderful."

I go back to the crown and tap down through the points again saying, "I allow myself a well body." "I feel great!" "I am so thankful for a body that works!" "I allow my muscles to grow stronger." "I am amazed at how quickly my body heals"

I've had wonderful results with this technique when I desire very specific outcomes or wish to clear resistance on a feeling.

Here are some other useful videos:

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#2 April 22, 1:16 am
Matthew has a great video to add (of which I have also). But I am going to let him add it here because of several reasons. Smile.

EFT on a physical level is not physically possible for me to do. But by me watching someone else do it and using my mind as I am watching... gets me as close as I can get to achieving what I would like to. Smile
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#3 April 22, 1:24 am
Lori, I have visualized going through the steps and had some decent results. Might be worth experimenting.
#4 April 22, 9:44 pm
Yup QM, That is what I meant in my last sentence above which read: "But by me watching someone else do it and using my mind as I am watching... gets me as close as I can get to achieving what I would like to." I meant watching as watching AND visualizing. Smile

Thank you though! Smile
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#5 June 9, 9:59 pm
hey did all this work out for you? details...details...details...Smile
#6 June 9, 11:54 pm
Originally posted by: Rita Maye

hey did all this work out for you? details...details...details...Smile

Well, let me tell ya, Rita. It's neverending. I tap on a regular basis. I tap when my kids are driving me crazy, I tap when I feel afraid, I tap when I'm irked with my husband. When things are going badly, I stop what I'm doing and go tap off the negative emotion.

It forces me to stop and acknowledge my current state, then actually ask for what I desire.

Since I'm not hiding in bed hyperventilating and I haven't ended up on the news, I'd say it's working pretty darned good for me. I can stop myself from spinning with a negative thought, turn it into what I want, and pick myself up and go again.

Life is good!
#7 June 10, 1:11 am
you know what i think Q...? of course not...Smile ...sigh...

i think "tapping" and "resonating" and "meditating" and "rolfing" and everything else in the grocery bag come from the same supermarket...

what i mean is, they ALL are ways in which we commune with and experience our inner being...whatever the heck THAT is a FEELING, after all...

and the words used to describe, and the methods used to integrate it, don't matter worth an inch-high hill of grandma Lucy's kidney beans....

what matters is that we each find the way in which our spirit speaks to US....

....nay-sayers be danged....


so be IT
#8 June 10, 5:34 am
Ha! Rita, I love it. I just had this same conversation over pie and coffee, listening to a woman describe a healing technique that I was taught, only she used different words, different tools.

It's ALL THE SAME stuff, just a slightly different way of interpreting it. But language is a tool, too, and there's power in the words we choose to interpret and describe our realities. Say it one way, and someone will get it, say it another way and it'll resonate with someone else.

It's why I don't want to spend (or charge for that matter) a whole lotta money to learn a new method; it's the same ol stuff...different package.


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