You may have heard of Abraham.
Abraham who?

Extract from the homepage:

Sometimes no amount of words will do a subject justice.

Abraham is a name. A symbol. A feeling. Evocative-yet simple-like we want our names to be.

But who, or what, is/are, Abraham . . . really?

Workshop attendee: ". . . you're a very attractive woman, too."

Abraham: "We're usually a nebulous mist, so that is quite a compliment." (Laughter)

Louise Hay calls them "some of the best teachers on the planet today."

This group was established so we could talk some more about the lectures and ideas these beings bring to us human people.

Pasquale wrote at May 29, 2011
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Good Morning! Abraham, Jerry and Esther have been fantastic for expanding.

Ask and it is given is a great 101 cd.

Whats your favorite book or cd they have produced?
ems treves wrote at December 25, 2010
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Merry Xmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!!
We now leave 2010 behind
And focus on peace in 2011
Ems Treves

Trustry & Trophy
ems treves
Martin Theis wrote at December 13, 2010
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Angst is Angst.
Fear, to be afraid ist ngstlich, or angstly in english. Did you know, that there are things on the internet that tell you all kinds of things and how they are called in different languages. : )

good for you listening to the whole CD. I can't listen to it longer than 15 Minutes a day. I will get into that right now and then go to bed. I might listen about the general well being for the thousandst time or maybe some other track.

Is anyone else even considering to participate in this group of Abraham or what?
Martin Theis
Martin Theis wrote at December 12, 2010
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Hej Ems,

thank you for the post, I was reading the first part and then I was totally exhausted and want to read it an other time. Thank you very, very much!

I could have known that you would not listen to what they tell you. But the CD is only 4 parts times 15 minutes. You must have that one on "dauer"repeat which means continuous repeat.
And you said you wouldn't know any german, and there you are again with a german word.
I know how should you know Angst as german.
Martin Theis
ems treves wrote at December 10, 2010
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The Shield vortex.

A vortex is a gate, a door between dimensions , like any other opening enabling things to go in and/or out. We have already discussed the “inflow vortex”, the gate you open up to make the higher light flow in. With a few extra steps we can now make it the” gate home” for major groups of lost souls and dark lords. Archangel Michael already said in his channeling about bar codes, that not everybody is good at that sort of work. Among your group a strong representation of the first, the second and the seventh beam will be required, so listen carefully to your inner guide to find whether you would be the right person for this specialized job.

Positioning an inflow vortex is always a wonderful thing to do, an outing for all participants. Going out in order to send lost souls and dark lords home is something completely different. It is a wonderful though heavy job. You may be running the risk of coming across recalcitrant souls who would try and cling to your personal field, trying to escape the light. It is very important to be well prepared and well protected when starting the work.

Also your own experience in working with inflow vortexes is important. Positioning the vortex in order to create a point of inflow and forgetting to ask the Acturians to keep it open is a regrettable mistake . You have had an influx for a couple of minutes only and that’s it. However, when creating the vortex as a passage for lost souls this neglect is even worse; you set the door ajar for just a minute, the souls come running to – ever so happy having this chance – and then you firmly shut the door in their faces. Now these souls have nowhere to go, they become more frustrated and the local dark energy will intensify. Moreover, many a dark energy might hold on to your field of energy, hoping to be lifted to the light. A very unpleasant situation.

However, though the work may be heavy and, physically speaking, unpleasant at times, it may be considered as a sublime expression of bondage. Taking considerable groups of lost souls home, to the light, is really the work of “Michaels Legions” and the heart of shield work, as a system of integral immunization. The presence of Michael and Faith is always thoroughly felt, you feel well protected and afterwards joy is intense.

So, if you follow your heart and decide to do the work you are invited to, prepare well and remember that you will get all necessary strength and protection. If you are not sure that you can cope, then only use the inflow vortex in dark places you may run into; this will considerably relieve the local situation. Later on, when you feel more sure, you can always come back and clear away the last of the darkness through the “outflow gate”.


When you have found a dark spot, where in your opinion a vortex should be positioned, then first check thoroughly through your feeling – and maybe with the help of some co-workers – the heaviness and size of the field. Ask your Higher Self the number of people (and possibly who that should be) you’ll have to work with in situ. Check if one vortex only will be sufficient, or maybe more if the field is vast, and where exactly they are required. You’ll wish, of course, to position the vortex close to the darkest spot, which usually is where one or more dark lords are. Consult your feeling and your body; an extremely dark place as such may literally cause nausea and dizziness. It is helpful to have someone in de group who can “see”, but mainly follow your own feeling.

When coming together before starting work there are a few ways to protect yourself and the group to the optimum. First of all, meet in a neutral place where you, through Aura Soma quintessence (Holy Grail is a good one) or equal master essence, fill up and protect your own aura. Then form the heart circles; make them strong enough to be sure that you can enter the dark field as one and only reverberating heart and start toning. Preferably you are so well tuned to each other that you know from experience that the heart connections sit like a rock.

Having arrived on the spot it is recommended to once more protect your aura through a master essence, form a circle close to the lowest point and – weather conditions permitting – take your shoes off to further an optimal contact with earth.

Do not make the circle bigger, or smaller, than necessary – hands touching and outstretched arms are about the optimal size to maintain the heart reverberations. The size of the vortex will be determined by the hierarchy and the Arcturians, depending on the need in situ, so you need not worry about that. The number of people may change; I myself did this sort of work with five and also with 12 participants and any number in between – so be open to being guided here as well.

If you really wish to stand like a rock you can extend the heart circle by another circle of white-golden light at the height of the root chakra and a white-golden circle around the feet.

Annexed is a scheme of a vortex from which you will see that it is making an opening through all dimensions. A hole will develop in the “veil” around the 3rd dimension so that higher energy may enter all lower dimensions. A vortex is also a time gate; don’t forget that in the higher dimensions everything happens at the Now-Moment, in zero-time. Vortexes are present everywhere, in a natural way – for instance at intersections of leylines, and all holy places were built where vortexes are. Lightworkers all over the world are invited to clean old vortexes. Shield vortex work, however, is purposefully opening and anchoring a temporary vortex, that will remain open as long as necessary for the good of all.

The outflow gate.

The vortex will be built in the same way as the “inflow vortex”, now making a triple heart circle to attain more strength and protection.

1) Breathe deeply a few times and consciously focus upon the Here-Now-moment.

2) Picture a golden string, from your crown chakra high up into the Infinity and there touching the Big Central Sun. When experiencing the connection, allow the love of the Father to stream along the string into your heart chakra.

3) Now picture a silver string, from your root chakra down into the heart of Mother Earth. When experiencing the connection, allow the love of the Mother to climb up along the string into your heart chakra.

4) Watch how these two energies merge with the energy of your own heart. Merging of the connected silver and golden light creates spontaneously a ball of white-golden light in your heart.

5) Inflate this ball when breathing and make it grow bigger from the inside to the outside, thus filling up all your fields.

6) Starting from your heart chakra you send this white-golden energy, clockwise, through the circle. Proceed until you see/feel/experience that all participants are connected at heart level by a thick white-golden string…….. Now direct your attention to your root chakra and send at that height the white-golden energy around the circle…… Then direct your attention to your feet and send at that height the white-golden energy around the circle…..

7) And now I ask lord Melchizedek, lord Metatron, lord Michael, lord Maitreya and lord Mahatma to fill this white-golden vortex with their energy….

8) And now I ask lady Astrea, lady Faith, lady Maria, lady Nada and lady Portia to fill this vortex with their energy…..

9) And I ask our friends the Arcturians to add their energy to this vortex and maintain same as long as required for the good of all.

10) And now I would like to ask you to sing your personal heart toning into this vortex. Aaaah!

Now the whole construction is ready for use and time has come to invite the willing souls to go home. Please show them respect and love (they are our brothers and sisters) and tell them that a warm welcome is waiting for them; many of them need this comfort to step across. So say the following words right from your heart, quiet and convincing – for if you sound like not believing all this, how would they feel?

11)….we invite all souls who want to go to the light to use this gate, that we have opened, for going home… our respect and our love are with you as well as the assurance that at home, in the light, you will be warmly welcomed by those dear to you…..

The next step will be the most difficult for many of us as we are very much inclined to think: “Who am I to order people around?” But remember please, in the deepest of your soul, that it is not YOU who is instructing others. You do so on behalf of Father/Mother/God. HE/SHE has decided that the end of the Game of Dualism on Earth is near. HE/SHE has laid down the rule that a dark lord, when being noticed/seen/known should go to the light according to the Universal Law of the One. We are only the instrument that makes this rule ring. Well, then speak the following text fully convinced and be strict, do not allow contradiction, do not start an argument, envelop yourself in the First Beam and observe God’s Will.

12) And now I order all dark lords, in the name of Father/Mother/God, in the name of the Universal Law of the One, in the name of archangel Michael, in the name of lord Sananda, to go to the Light….. I order all dark lords to enter this opened light gate and unconditionally step into the light, in the name of Father/Mother-God, in the name of the Universal Law of the One, in the name of archangel Michael, in the name of lord Sananda…..Amen.

Stay where you are for some time, quiet and meditating, and if it feels good then accompany your outflow by heart toning. Some of you may see things, hear, feel, maybe you want to move your arms or some more toning will come out. Just stay there until everybody feels that your share has been completed. The Arcturians will keep the gate open as long as necessary, so you need not worry. However, do not disturb the circle.

Often you may notice an unexpected heavy wind or suddenly the sky may be clearing and the sun coming out, or all the birds start singing.

Nature around you will certainly be reacting to what you have done.

From : Lightwork in The Netherlands

Author : Jill van Maasdijk

Email :

I have to scan a picture which belongs to the story. That will come later.Hope you like the article.
Lots of Light,
ems treves
Martin Theis wrote at December 7, 2010
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Hello Ems,
I didn't know it was so much but I am looking forward to it.
I don't know how you can do it. If you are allow to share it with others we can just add it as a blog, or we can keep it here in the forum. Or if that is not ok, I will just give you my email address and you can send it to me.
Thank you so much in advance. I am excited to read it.
And thank you for being my friend Smile
Martin Theis
ems treves wrote at December 7, 2010
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we are working on the translation and Jill van Maasdijk the author of the lightworkersbook gave me the permission to use the article about lightworkers vortexes.
How will I send it just in a message or in an other way. The article is quite big.
Lots of light,
ems treves
Martin Theis wrote at December 6, 2010
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Hey Ems, that sounds very good. I will be patient, I usually am. Sometimes I want to get replies to emails and letters super quickly.
Just like when you wrote a love letter and can't wait for the other one to answer, even though you are even more afraid to get bad replies or earn laughter.
Martin Theis
ems treves wrote at December 6, 2010
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hello Martin,
I will translate an article from the leader of our group about both vortexes. I will do it as soon as possible. Have a bit patience with me.
You will hear from me.
Lots of light,
ems treves
Martin Theis wrote at December 6, 2010
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That is very interesting Ems,

I don't know about the correctness of the terms but I understand it.
I would love to hear more about it. I haven't had much contact with light work and I think this seems super interesting.
Martin Theis
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