This group was going on the old version of this website a couple of years ago and we starte raising money for various causes around the world. Our first bit of focus was on the wounds each of carry and we started listening to one another and praying for healing as needed for each other. The results for that part of our work were amazing and of great help to me and others. We then expanded our intention to raise $500 for relief in Haiti after the earthquake there. We did this by remote viewing of a sort and then using the stock market as a source of funding. I posted a picture of three objects and each morning I randomly placed three slips of paper under them indicating buy, sell, or do nothing. People from the group then emailed me their visions for the three objects and told me which of them, if any, indicated to them in the meditation that it was the object for the day. How they arrived at their choice was entirely up to them. I meditated on the three objects and visualized them and watched until one of them gave me a indication that it was the one for the day. Sometimes one of them would glow or move or vibrate or even talk to me. When I compiled the groups choices for the day, it was surprising how often 90% of more picked the same object. When we had strong correlation, I would enter the trade and take profits as they appeared. I put up the money for the trades, $1000 seed money, and we quickly made our $500 and more. In two weeks we were up to $3000 profit which was an astounding result. But another result started to develop. People started to disagree about our original intention of sending money to Haiti and started to discuss using the money among ourselves instead. This led to hurt feelings it seemed and soon, the group disbanded. We lost all the money also. It seems the collective focus was lost and the losses came just as quickly and the gains had. I stopped when we got back to my original $1000 and then stopped visiting the group as had most of the other members by then. It was quite a ride up and then down. In retrospect I believe we hit an upper limit of what might be called havingness. I think we violated core beliefs of many of the group about the nature of wealth or money and its combination with spirit. I've seen this before where people, certainly me included, can transcend a boundary for a time as though the old beliefs don't think it will work and don't pay much attention to it and then when it starts to work and the beliefs are being violated, they get frightened and sabotage the endeavor in one way or another. Sending the group into conflict was a sure way to disrupt the consciousness we had developed.

I want to try again. To form a group with healing as our intention. I want to start by healing ourselves and discussing whatever is in need of healing for each of us individually first. Then use prayer, empathy, and heartfelt response to one another to both form a group consciousness and to heal each of us in turn. Acceptance of each persons experience and commitiment to stay present with each persons description of their experiences is crucial. If someone's story is too much for someone to listen to then it is incumbant on that person to simply say that this story is something to close to something in my experience for me to provide effective empathic input and to simply stay out of that discussion until something shifts. We won't need to heal all wounds for everyone and not everyone will be able to participate in the healing of every other group member but if we make a little progress with our personal healing together, the energy that is released can be substantial. If we then protect that energy and are mindful of what we have among us we can then let that energy guide us towards the next level of healing that we can undertake.

That's my idea. I hope some of you find it worth a try. After several have joined I will start off by talking about experiences of mine where healing is needed and also descride what type of feedback would be helpful to me around them.

Love to you all
I feel the energy building already

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Gary Gill wrote at June 7, 2015
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A lot has gone on in my in the flesh awakening group since I posted here last. It has been shown to me that the time to resume here is upon us. Please let me know in the next week or so if you are still with us. I will be posting a new intention and message soon. Love to you all.
Gary Gill