This group is dedicated to reclaiming our creative power and true identity from dis-empowering agreements and getting clear of interfering programming of consciousness within the collective unconscious of mankind and learning how to apply the creative principles to a world of joy respect and wholeness for all living beings.

Jason wrote at February 13, 2015
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Conflict implies necessarily relationship, relationship among two conflictual activities: the existence of this relationship is indisputable..
And when the conflict is not with any of these outward activities,
then is taking place between what we are and what we would like to be, which means that the conflictual dynamic is nourishing itself between the actual ''me'', which is what I, (as a fact), actually am, and the idealized ''me'', the ''what I should become'', which is my personal mythology..
This conflictual psychology rises the irrational act of caring more about the myth, rather than the complete exploration and understanding of the actual, of the what it actually is..
Philosophies can be extremely interesting of course..
Interesting for our curiosity, our linguistic approaches perhaps ..
but they cannot possibly represent means of self-observation..
Self-observation, indeed, must come into being as a pure, uncontaminated psychological act of finding out for ourselves and not through the identification and the adoption of a certain path, or philosophy, or ideal, or a course idealized by some other author.. because, otherwise, such author, (just like the word suggests), will become our ''author-ity''.. and wherever the mind proceeds through an outward authority .. there is no longer thinker with no conditioning's.. just an imitator.. a replicator..
And whenever & wherever there is not thinker, there is also no self-observation at all.. therefore no action, just a reproduction...
This self-observation of the inward conflicts, which is action, must be totally free of conditioning's, beliefs, ambitions to do and to be ''good'', spiritual ideologies, eventual new age mumbo jumbo, religious dogmas or superstitions and obviously it must be immune to all forms of superficiality and credulity so to be able to actually see and comprehend what is actually moving in the psyche..
This is what real action is..
Self-observation is the pesticide against all of our inward psychological mythologies..
as well it's the fertilizer for intelligence..
Diego Fontanive
Jason wrote at February 13, 2015
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Hello welcome everyone. I would like to tell a story about one day when I realized that reality was a projection of my own mind. I really internalized this realization and decided to project kindness wherever I went. I am usually very shy and people rarely notice me, but this day was different everywhere I went people were so amazingly friendly to me and kind and generous and I realized that life is a mirror and we get to see our own reflection and know ourselves through this process of creation. Would anyone like to share a similar experience? Nice to meet all of you and welcome to this group it is for all of us to build off of each others understanding gain clarity and embrace our creativity.
Stan Ellis wrote at February 13, 2015
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Jason, thank you for your very astute post on KINDNESS. Tibetan Monks, masters of meditation, say powering-up to receive revelations through meditation begins with contemplating three things.

1. Unconditional Kindness
2. Abundant Gratitude.
3. Feeling paradoxical oneness in our material world of apparent duality.

Kindness is but one example of benevolence. Love, compassion, generosity, empathy, etc. are other examples. I've categorized these examples as the elements of benevolence.

Think about this, if benevolence was not within the immanent nature of humankind, we would have destroyed ourselves eons ago (Deepak Chopra).
Stan Ellis
Jason wrote at January 9, 2015
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Stan Ellis wrote at February 13, 2015
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Here is the formula for my life I learned through deep meditation:

In the stillness between heartbeats is the will to be, thus the next heartbeat.

In the silence between thoughts is the will to become, thus intuition is immanent.

Intuition: A sudden knowing (i.e. not believing) without the use of analytical reasoning.


All the core words leading to manifesting reality, begin with I. I AM THE CREATOR OF MY REALITY.
Stan Ellis