When someone prodded me to start a group on music, I hesitated, thinking it would be insignificant as there were so many more pressing items on our IE agenda. However, that someone planted a seed in me, and that seed has grown. Look at how we are using a painting for an intention to heal with the Point of Contact Experiment. Isn't it possible that some music might also be taken as an intention, or an anchor in meditation, or as a seed that would grow into something wonderful later?

I would like to dedicate this group to my music teacher, Anna Powklewski, who in spite of being herself an accomplished concert pianist, was humble enough to point out that any sound, such as a babbling brook, or the wind blowing through the trees, can be experienced as beautiful music.

With that idea in mind, I believe there is no limit to where we can take this group, musically speaking!
Certainly have fun with it.
Discuss and/or provide links to music, videos, sounds, and even photos relating to music, as long as you think it is relevant to Intentionality and The Field.
Point out music that might work out well as an Anchor for meditation, like a Digiri-do, a Gregorian Chant, singing whales, or as Lynne McTaggart recommended, something repetitive, such as Bach.
Perhaps there will even be a situation where the music itself is an Intention. Stranger things have happened!

Dean Davis, the webmaster, confirmed that you may NOT upload copyrighted music directly to the site, though you CAN provide links to any music at another location, or upload music that you own. If you upload music that you own the rights to, you first must use Explore Music to upload it to IE, then provide a link to it from the group.

I am prepared to be blown away by what is submitted here, to be inspired, possibly even moved to perform or compose some music of my own, as James Milton already has:

I have already seen a reference to David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust as inspiring, and that music completely passed me by at the time! Thanks for that, James!

And I will try to inspire you, possibly even expand your musical taste to new areas. The process of learning and expanding your appreciation is itself a reward that can make each day a little brighter, yes?

Let me kick off the group with a few selections from the Moody Blues, a 60's band, with a lot of inferences to quantum physics and The Zero Point Field, or at least something beyond Newton / Decartes / Darwin.

In the Beginning / Lovely to See You Again

Nothing subtle here. Can you hear references to 'suffering under the establishment of Newtonian physics / Descartes / Darwin', while the Inner Man urges you to look beyond it? Read The Field by Lynne McTaggart to learn about how new developments in Quantum Physics trumphs the established paradigm.
In case you have a hard time with the lyrics, here's the Intro, which is called In The Beginning

First Man: I think, I think I am, therefore I am, I think.
Establishment: Of course you are my bright little star, I've miles And miles Of files Pretty files of your forefather's fruit and now to suit our great computer, You're magnetic ink.
First Man: I'm more than that, I know I am, at least, I think I must be.
Inner Man: There you go man, keep as cool as you can. Face piles And piles Of trials With smiles. It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave And keep on thinking free.

Voices in the Sky
Allusions to The Field. Also, get a load of the chorus:
Just what is happening to me? I lie awake with the sound of the sea calling to me.
This reminds of our group on Do You Hear High Pitched Sounds

Living in the Land of Make Believe

I am bawling like a little child as I am listening to this again, it's pretty powerful.
Have a box of hankies nearby.

Let's go!

Greenwich 14:14 Original Help a Child Teen Parent and Senior
BWV 78, duet w/ Teresa Stich-Randall and D. Hermann
It's a beautiful day - Girl with no eyes
Gilbert O'Sullivan - Where Peaceful Waters Flow (Live)
Stevie Wonder - Don't You Worry 'bout A Thing
The Beatles, Because
Bob Songer wrote at September 2, 2011
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I thought I might upload a new song onto this page, but, alas, I have it on MP3 only, and I couldn't find a way to do so here.
The song is "Ho'oponopono Jam"and I have uploaded it in the music section where my other songs are.

It is quite pertinent to Intending and The Field, and I bet you can't sit still listening to the song!?!?!?!
Bob Songer
John Blanpied wrote at September 2, 2011
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Wow, did you record that song, Bob? Excellent effort, if you did. And Relevant. I have the ancient Huna Prayer on my profile, by the way.

That is exactly how you share a song, put it on your profile, and then you can provide a link to it from anywhere else, such as your comment by:

1)copying the link to the song on your page.
2)using the little chain icon (right of the happy face) you can put a link to it like this:
Ho'oponopono Jam

Thanks for sharing this, Bob.
John Blanpied
Nevaeh wrote at April 15, 2011
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"If music be the food of love, play on..." watching you William Shakespeare
Todd Karlen wrote at April 14, 2011
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This is the second one they did with 2052 people in 58 countries.

Not only can we see the beauty of people connecting all over the world, but we can listen too!

The internet is a good thing. Or should I say the interconnection!!
Todd Karlen
Lori M. wrote at May 7, 2011
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Obviously, I am a little late to responding to this but the Internet has been a godsend to many people in many ways. And it's sad, if not funny, how some organized religion groups got on the bandwagon of when 'the world is so interconnected' then we will certainly be in the end of days. The bandwagon of doomsdayors. I see the Internet as being just the opposite! Further, just like with anything, bad things can come out of it as well as good and I have only found the good!!!
Lori M.
Todd Karlen wrote at April 14, 2011
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I love all types of music and this is especially cool.
Todd Karlen
bob goldstick wrote at April 8, 2011
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Great group. I just found this site as a follow up from checking out the movie "I AM", joined, uploaded a song I wrote 25 years ago after Chernobyl and wanted to start performing again because of the Japanese disaster, got an almost immediate reply and then another - wow - somebody actually listened - played around a bit more exploring blogs and found this.

Music has the ability to create wonders - always has - always will - we shall overcome - this land is your land - so many examples of songs that have changed the world - Monks chanting - native sun dances -

My intention is now to start to create again - after 25 years of not writing - to add one more song to the song soup of the world - to say something a little different to reach someone who might listen to add something to someone's life

Thanks to you all
bob goldstick
wendy wrote at April 7, 2011
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http://soundcloud.com/onesongproject/the-one-song i found this and thought it applied well to this group.
John Blanpied wrote at April 7, 2011
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It really applies.
That's a great post, Wendy. Where did you find it?
John Blanpied
James Milton wrote at April 7, 2011
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Fantastic! I read somewhere that 'whales and dolphins are beginning to dream like men'.
Last Update on April 7, 2011 by James Milton
James Milton
Quantamama wrote at April 7, 2011
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Wow, I am in awe. I just went swimming with the whales, singing soothing songs of peace to Gaia. Taking the energy of the growing wave and redirecting it in directions that will cause less harm to living beings.

Thank you wendy! This was perfect for right now.
yvonne coppens wrote at April 6, 2011
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Lori M. wrote at May 7, 2011
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I am indeed playing catch-up in the community and I just watched the video that you posted. Phenomenal! And, at least for me, only being able to see such Marvel by the Internet! Thanks a bunch!
Lori M.
John Blanpied wrote at April 6, 2011
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Those were truly inspiring, some of the most beautiful mountain scenes I have seen to date.

I have known several folks who used the aforementioned mantra with much success, and attained great heights (no pun intended).

I believe we all approach Intentionality from our own perspective and start at our own level, and I must find what is right for me, what works. That is valuable input, Yvonne.
John Blanpied
Nevaeh wrote at March 31, 2011
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This is a great ideal, whitefoot! Music is healing and, like your teacher said, there is music in everything. Looking forward to contributing to this group!
James Milton wrote at March 31, 2011
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Great idea John, thanks for the invite.
James Milton
Lori M. wrote at March 30, 2011
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Lori M.
John Blanpied wrote at April 6, 2011
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Thanks, Lori. By the way, how did you place the YouTube video directly in the thread like that above? My links just look like, well, links!
John Blanpied
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