Okay, so maybe I am getting carried away with the groups, but it is so fun!
I have noticed every now and then a discussion will come up about something in the paranormal area, so this group is dedicated to everything paranormal.
Have fun with this!

Bob Dean's presentation, European Exopolitics Summit, Barcelona, 25 July 2009
Shining UFOs Fly By The Capsule, Astronaut Describing What He Sees!!!
William Bennett wrote at April 29, 2015
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I have had some firsthand experience with what is termed Sleep Paralysis, Night Terrors and/or The Old Hag Syndrome that I could share. Had multiple incidences occur often in my late teens/early twenties - even physically assaulted - and waned as the years have gone by (43 years old now).
William Bennett
Marie E. LeBlanc wrote at July 4, 2012
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Have been involved in an on-line Remote Viewing group for the past 5.5 years. Have read all of Robert Monroe's books and hope to be going to Virginia in late August to do the TMI "Gateway" program. Very much looking forward to it !
Marie E. LeBlanc
Nevaeh wrote at September 12, 2011
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Welkom in de fractie, Annette!
annette nieuwenhuizen wrote at September 12, 2011
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Language Dutch

Ik heb zelf ook ervaring met uitredden als kind gehad, ( half slapend) van mijn 5de tot mijn 14tende. Ik zweefde door de lucht zwom onder water en ik het veel gezien en kon overal hen waar ik wou. Toen ik ouder werd kon ik alleen uittreden ik mijn slaap, meestal weet ik niet alles meer.
Over geesten: sinds kind weet ik dat er geesten zijn, ik kan ze voelen. De laatste 10 jaar ben ik Reiki master en help mensen met huiveringen = Geesten naar het licht brengen. Ik weet dat er meer is dan dat de meeste mensen denken. Als er mensen zijn die last hebben van geesten raad ik ze aan om witte salie en kaarsen te branden en om hulp te vragen aan het hoogere.
annette nieuwenhuizen
Kim Anderson wrote at May 21, 2011
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I do have something to add to this discussion, related to out of body experiences. Thank you Nevaeh for the invite! When I started my relationship with my husband, and before we were married, we were laying in bed together. I was in that half-awake, half-asleep state, and he was sleeping soundly. All of a sudden, a woman appeared in the bed sitting cross-legged between us. I sat up immediately and threw my arms around her - I was so relieved and overjoyed to see her. She was my long lost soul sister/friend who I instantly recognized and connected with. I was so excited - so much passed between us in the space of seconds - we were both aware that it had been a long time since we'd seen each other. I wanted to introduce her to my new found love to share my happiness, and as I turned to shake my guy to wake him up and make the introduction, she tried to stop me and pull me back. I protested because I felt it was so important that they know each other. When I turned, I felt his shoulder, felt him stir as I shook him, then noticed myself sleeping beside him. Confused as to why I was both sitting up and laying down, I looked back to my friend, but she was gone...I had the distinct feeling she was telling me I shouldn't have done that. I understood that she had to go as my guy wasn't allowed or able to see her. I felt such an overwhelming sense of loss when she left. When she was there, I knew exactly who she was and how we were connected. But as soon as she left, I lost the memory. I have a very vague idea of what she looked like, but can't completely recall. I have tried to reconjure her, with no success. Now I feel that I'm missing an important someone in my current life experience. When I think about this, I feel a sense of loss and longing. This happened about 20 years ago.
Kim Anderson
Dazzlecat wrote at February 25, 2012
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Wow, I would love to have that kind of experience. I have been reading Robert Monroe's books about Out of Body Experiences and listening to the Hemi-Sync Gateway tapes so that I can. Actually I think I had an OOBE when I was about 22 but it freaked me out so much I never tried it again, until now.
Nevaeh wrote at May 22, 2011
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Wow, thanks so much for sharing this, Kim. That is pretty amazing. I have a feeling that, whoever she is, she is still with you, even though you don't see her like you did that time.
Welcome to the group, by the way!
Alfredo Mario Soto Paniagua wrote at April 14, 2011
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I have had experiences outside the body and this allowed me to confirm something I already suspected: the fact that we have/are consciousness even without a body.
The first time it happened; I was sleeping in my bed and suddenly I felt like if I were leaving my body I felt “I woke up” and I realized that indeed I WAS GETTING OUT OF MY BODY I was scared this first time until I ended up leaving, then the fear was gone and it enjoyed a kind of euphoria. I was happy flying around my room (I saw my body and my wife still asleep down on the bed ). The next time I left my body (always at night when asleep) I consciously looked for an open window to leave my house but suddenly two beings of light "told me" without words(I only knew) that in this level walls were not an obstacle so I simply pass through the wall and went flying over my house. I was fully conscious and took the opportunity to do an experiment; "flew" to a street which is 3 miles away from my house and "saw" 2 parked cars and "memorized" their plates. Then I returned to my body and woke up only to see that it was the 4 AM. I wrote down the car’s plate numbers and waited for daylight, then I went to corroborate that the plates numbers were exactly as I wrote.
Alfredo Mario Soto Paniagua
Nevaeh wrote at April 14, 2011
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Thanks for sharing here, Alfredo. That is so interesting. I have never experienced this myself but my Reiki teacher told me about how she would do this often when she was a child.
Nevaeh wrote at April 11, 2011
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Matthew, inspired by what you shared here, I will share some things I have never told anyone about other than my husband.
When i was a little girl I lived with my grandparents most of the time. One house that they lived in when I was about five years old was most definitely housing some kind of entities. There were many things that happened to me in that house.
One thing, I would wake up at night with this "thing" hovering over my bed - I can still remember what it looked like. You have seen the goat with the horns curled back behind it's head, I guess it is a ram - anyway, that's what it looked like. It wasn't a dream, I was fully awake and scared to death.
I also came up with two "imaginary playmates" (this is what my grandmother called them) when I lived there. They even had names - Rudy and Trudy. I have no ideal how I could have come up with names like that unless they were real to me. I can't remember them, but I do distinctly remember crying when my grandmother refused to set out plates for them at the dinner table. And no, I am not crazy!
I also had some bad accidents in that house. Among them, I cut the bottom of my foot, just a tiny cut, but I almost bled to death, turned a bathtub of water bright red before my grandparents realized I needed to go to the hospital. Then, on another occasion, I found a bottle of some kind of poison under a sink, drank it, and had to have my stomach pumped at the ER. Whatever this poison was, my grandparents had no ideal it was there and were told by doctors that it was something the ordinary person could not purchase. They found out later that a man had died in that house and they never discovered what it was that he died of. His wife collected an insurance policy, I am told, and remarried. Hmmm...
Let's see, have I left anything out? I fell from a banister in that house two stories up, oh and i was outside playing one day and a man walked up the driveway and called my name. I didn't know him, but I didn't know to be afraid of strangers and so I was walking toward him when my grandmother came out to check on me. When he saw her, he ran away. God knows what would have happened if she hadn't come out when she did.
Needless to say, them moved out of the house. I would love to know where that house was located so I could research it, but I was too young to know, and my grandparents have passed away.
Sorry to be so long here, just really wanted to vent all those bad memories.
Matt wrote at April 11, 2011
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Oh my goodness! Thanks for sharing that, and don't apologize for being so long, especially after that huge mess I posted, lol.

Now that definitely sounds like a hostile and dangerous entity. If I saw something like what you described over my bed, I would have been terrified!

And I don't think you are crazy at all describing your childhood friends, and I've heard of that happening to children before.

If things like that began to happened around my house, I would take it VERY seriously and would take whatever steps were necessary to protect my family from ay harm - even if it meant moving!
Matt wrote at April 10, 2011
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Okay guys, I'm sharing this with you all because you guys are easier to share this sort of thing with - I wouldn't share this stuff with Facebook friends and we are generally tight lipped about who we share it with. I have never experienced anything paranormal until living in this house I am living in now. We've been here 3 1/2 years.

We had some "paranormal investigators" come check it out for an evening back in 2009 about his time of year. They didn't see anything unusual other than seeing some strange fluctuations on their electro-magnetism meter thinggy. They did tell me to start keeping a log of anything strange and that's what I'm posting below. Notice that there is a HUGE gap in the entries, but the interesting thing is April appears to be a hot month for activity:


Saturday April 9th approx 11:15pm I had just gotten in bed with Bec and after about 5 minutes I saw an orange light over and to the right of me towards or on the ceiling. I lasted only about a 1/2 second and moved in a comma shape

Saturday April 9th approx 9:10pm I was in the sun room about to feed the rats. I opened the cage door and pulled out their food bowl and filled it with food, they tried to climb out but I put them back in as I put their food bowl back in there. I closed the door and placed the food bag back onto Dad's Fender amp. I turned back to the cage and the white one was outside the cage on the back side as if she crawled through an opening somewhere in the back. I looked and looked but couldn't find a way for her to get out. I sat and thought about this for about 10 minutes trying to think of all the possibilities. I can't rule out that maybe I just spaced out and she got out when I had the door open - but for the life of me, I couldn't see how that could have happened. Not sure about this one, but definitely worth putting in these notes.

Thurday April 7th 8-pm Joe was putting a new liner in the garbage can in the kitchen when he saw a bright orange flash in the corner where the trash can coming from somewhere behind him. He came and asked us in the Den if we saw it because it was so bright.He said a strange "recharging" sound came immediately following the flash - (I theorized it could have been a power surge in one of the kitchen lights in the track lighting - still weird)

Tuesday April 5th (7-8pm) - I felt a cat rub on my back leg when I was standing just outside this kitchen inside the dining room - i looked everywhere but now cat

Tuesday April 5th during the day Bec was taking a shower in the kids bathroom and heard a knock outside and then heard something that sounded like someone running across the roof over the sunroom.

(10-11pm) - I heard on of the metal handles on one to the chest-o-drawers make one clink sound

Wednesday April 6th (8-9pm) - I was listening to Rebecca tell me about her trip to Aunt Rena's funeral and the fan in the den suddenly and quickly turned itself on for a split second sending it spinning a little bit

Day after Christmas Bec was taking a shower in the kids bathroom and something "punched" the shower curtain inward towards the shower

Date: Sat, 9 Jan 2010 11:01:47 -0600
Subject: happenings 2009
From: ke5ckr@gmail.com
To: ke5ckr@gmail.com; kc5fx@hotmail.com

Thursday evening (8-9pm) April 9th - we heard stuff fall upstairs - I went up there and couldn't find anything that fell

Friday Morning April 10th - (9-10am) Kailin saw a spoon hovering over the kitchen sink

Tuesday April 14th 8ish PM both garage doors opened by themselves

Thursday April 16th afternoon - Bec's nail polish bottle mysteriously appears in the middle of the backyard when she was the only one out there just moments before

Friday night April 17th 12ish in bed - I heard 2 knocks on something somewhere in the house - sounded much like knocks with a fist

Sunday April 19th 11pm - I was in bed in the master bed room watching TV and playing with my new camera. Bec and Joe were in his bed room still awake as well. I snapped one more photo for the hell of it at the bathroom. About 30 sec later - Joe and Bec came into my bedroom with me all shook up. Joe say's that when the camera flashed, the light shined from underneath his closed bedroom door illuminating a silhouette of the bottom half of a figure standing in from of his bedroom door, on the inside of the room with him. He told me he saw "feet" by the door. I went in there to check it out. I turned on the bathroom light outside his room to see how light would look underneath his door. I couldn't find anything in his field of view to the door that would give the appearance of two feet by the door.

About 10 minutes later (with everyone in the bed with me), I heard one of our metal drawer handles on one of the chest of drawers jiggle around. (I didn't mention it, as I wanted to go to sleep)

Friday Morning April 24 6:30am'ish - Bec was sleeping with Joe is his bedroom when her cell phone woke her up. She noticed a very quick flash of light - like a camera flash. When she noticed it a second time, Joe noticed it as well. When they both looked out the window to see if it was coming from out there, they saw it in their peripheral vision behind them (in the room). They counted approximately 17 of these flashes until the daylight got so bright that they could no longer see them. The flashes had no sound associated with them. She said they were as bright as a camera flash, but shorter in duration.

Saturday Afternoon April 25th - Sitting in the den with Bec while she talked on the phone, I heard something in the kitchen opening and closing. Not sure what it was.

Wednesday Afternoon April 29th - I called Rebecca at home as I usually do at about 3pm using the house line. It was busy so I called her on her cell. When I told her the home phone was busy, she checked the home phones and the one upstairs was off the hook. The strange thing about it is that she had just spoken to our realtor about an hour ago on the home phone downstairs and hadn't been upstairs all day. The cat hadn't been upstairs either.


There have been other things as well that I forgot to log. About a month ago up in our bathroom, I felt what I thought was one of the cats rubbing on my leg between my leg and the sink cabinet. I looked for the one of them but they weren't there. I looked downstairs and they were both down there.

Also, at some point after we first moved in here one evening in 2008, Bec was downstairs in the kitchen and I was upstairs. All of a sudden she comes running up to me with the energy of a storm trooper and she was SCARED. She said someone whispered DIRECTLY into her ear, her name "Becca"
Last Update on April 10, 2011 by Matthew Marbury
John Blanpied wrote at April 11, 2011
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I've never had anything remotely as spooky as that in my current house, Matthew. But I have had this one recurring thing that somewhat bothers me. I, too, have a light that briefly appears/disappears near the ceiling on the wall, when I am half-asleep and feel something funny that wakes me. The light COULD EASILY be attributed to a car's headlights going by the street, but the timing is a little strange, and I don't hear a car. (There are now hybrid cars that don't make noises under 30 mph.)

Other than that, the German fellow who built this place loved to garden and loved to feed peanuts to the squirrels. I know that because he had the statue of a squirrel on a fountain he built, and left a bag of peanuts in the shed. The year he died we bought the house.

Well, I have long since cleaned up all the peanuts that were left around. Still, occasionally I will find a WHOLE PEANUT, not just the shell, where I knew there wasn't a peanut before. If a squirrel brought it there, why didn't it eat it?
Last Update on April 14, 2011 by whitefoot
John Blanpied
Lori M. wrote at April 10, 2011
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It is great to hear these fascinating stories from people we know and not those fabricated ones whereby a great majority of them are made up for profit on television.

Thanks for sharing your multidimensional as well as multi-experiences in your home Matthew!

As weird as this sounds, over the many years I have wished that something like that would happen to me. I have always wanted to experience more of the paranormal but I guess wanting and needing that sort of thing doesn't always go along with The Law of Attraction.
Lori M.
Nevaeh wrote at April 10, 2011
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Wow, thanks for sharing, Matthew. Very spooky stuff. Have you ever just walked through your house and taken random photos and then looked at them to see if you pick up anything?
I was at a state park here in Tennessee where there is a "ghost" who has been seen by lots of visitors. I was walking a trail and took some pictures. Later, when I looked through the pictures, there was a man in one of them who definitely was not there when I took the picture, and the description matched what everyone has always said about how he looks. Sometimes these things show up on camera.
Quantamama wrote at March 30, 2011
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There's been discussion about dogs. I think that cats see things that we can't see, too.

I always pay attention when my cat starts staring at something moving yet invisible to me.

One of my cats used to go "talk" at a certain corner. Not really meowing, shorter noises with purring trills interspersed. lol It was the language he used when he had something important to say.
Dazzlecat wrote at February 25, 2012
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My two elderly cats (who are no longer alive) used to track something moving across the room with their eyes. It was kind of spooky when one of them did it but when both of them did it, it got really creepy. I was never really afraid but all my senses would jump to high alert and I would try to see what they were seeing but never could. They would both watch "it" moving around the room, both of them looking in the same direction at the same time and their heads turning in the same direction at the same time, even though they would be sitting in different areas of the room. Very cool. I definitely believe cats see spirits.
James Milton wrote at April 1, 2011
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Oh certainly, if not, why would the Egyptians mummify them? Cats are undoubtably very psychic. They know when they're going to the vet for shots and they hide.
James Milton
Nevaeh wrote at March 30, 2011
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Yes, I had a cat once that would literally climb the walls in one room of our house. Everywhere else the cat was fine, but that one room she would go crazy in.
Lori M. wrote at March 29, 2011
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I was sitting in my Pascal computer class in college in 1984/1985. There was a guy in that class that I went to high school with and he was asking some people (including myself) if they would like to join a football pool. To win the pool (money), the person had to have the closest numbers to the final score at the end of the Super Bowl. My grandmother (of whom I was living with at the time) used to host a baseball pool during the baseball season so at least I knew what a "pool" was. LOL.

I can't remember how many of us joined in on the fun for the 1984 Super Bowl, or the exact dollar amount required to put in the pool, but I think it was $5 or $10.

Now, I know absolutely nothing about football other than what a touchdown is. I have no clue (to this day) what a possible "total score" could be. Let alone guessing any numbers that would be close to being right during any part of the game.

So here is where my weird or "paranormal" event took place:

I told my college classmate that I would join the pool and give him my money the following day. But at some time during that class hour... I heard a voice whisper in my right ear telling me two numbers. Completely out of nowhere! In fact, there was nothing to the right of me or even to the back of me (where I had to park my wheelchair). Perhaps it wasn't a whisper as you might think of a whisper... but the next closest thing! Meaning it was something I could hear with my ear so it was not "an intuition" or "thinking I was hearing things" or something like that. But it wasn't scary either.

When the class was over when I gave my classmate the two numbers that I heard out of nowhere. And my $10 the next time I saw him. Just NOW I got curious to look up the Super Bowl of 1984 and I see the final score was 38-9. Over all these years I have remembered that one of the numbers was "30 something" but never had any reason to go look back at the score until now (out of curiosity) and doing so with just a quick Internet search.

So I joined the pool for fun and nothing else because I knew nothing else about football!

After I had given my classmate my $10 (close to the Friday before the weekend Super Bowl) that was the last I was concerned with it because, even though I was in the pool, I wasn't interested in watching the Super Bowl no matter what. In fact, after that Friday (or after I gave him the money on a particular day) I completely forgot about joining the pool or watching the end of the upcoming game. Frankly, I didn't care.

By 1984 no one I knew (or who I was living with) was interested in football so I didn't even find out the score that weekend. I didn't even look in the Sunday newspaper following the game the night before because, again, I totally forgot about it.

The next "opportunity" for me to see the guy in my class was the following Monday or Tuesday in the computer lab. I casually asked him who won the pool and his response was "You have to ask?" And then he said that not only was the score I chose 'close to' the final score of the game but it was SPOT ON. I was stunned and speechless for a moment. And I remember the winnings being $100. Back then, that was a lot of money for me. Smile

That was just really weird. If I were to take a “guess” as to who or what was responsible for whispering those winning numbers into my ear I would have to guess it would be my father who had long since passed away and was the only person I had known, in my sheltered life, to play football in high school and to enjoy watching football.

Oh! And both of my parents did quite a bit of smalltime gambling like that.

Really, a SHOCKING experience! Smile
Lori M.
Nevaeh wrote at March 30, 2011
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Oh, wow, Lori, thanks for sharing that! Amazing! I put a book together a year or so ago that consisted of real letters from the living to their ones who had passed, and there were several of my contributors that later reported "visits" from the loved ones they had written to.
So, do you think your dad could pass us the winning lottery numbers? Just kidding. Thanks, Lori!
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