Although, we have been working on “The Rhythmogy Experiment” for the last two years, we might say the official start of the project was influenced by the recent Lynne McTaggart’s book “The Intention Experiment”.

“The Rhyhtmology Experiment” is an integral part of the program “Rhythmology”, which was developed by the Institute of Contemporary Art and Therapy “Libera”,Bulgaria. This experiment is based on scientific research of Libera for amplification the intention and electromagnetic waves emitted by us. The goal of the experiment is to analyze the results of a survey completed by at least 10 000 people. There is a specially prepared questionnaire that contains 27 pre-recorded rhythms. All these rhythms have different vibration characteristics and nature. They are devoid of melody, stylistics and any implications to the popular associations.
Our expectations are to find specific tendencies in the perception of the diverse rhythms and abilities to build associations to certain emotions and energies generated by these vibrations. With the presumption we both broadcast and attract emotions, thoughts and feelings that make active influence on our behavior and quality of life, the new opportunity might emerge. We could find a new approach for knowing and mastering the emotions and energies, as well as amplifying and reducing of their emissions.

Your help will be truly invaluable and will undoubtedly contribute to the evolution of consciousness and better future!

To participate in the THE RHYTHMOLOGY EXPERIMENT please go to:

Aage Kokvik wrote at June 11, 2012
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Since age seem to be mandatory, I will not participate.
Aage Kokvik
Martin Ivanov wrote at June 11, 2012
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It is not "mandatory" the way it is research! Smile)))
Martin Ivanov
So It Is wrote at May 19, 2012
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THANK YOU FOR THE INVITE. This will be exciting and Interesting. Looking forward to the experience.
Last Update on May 19, 2012 by So It Is
So It Is
BouncyDragon wrote at November 23, 2011
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Hello Martin,

I completed your test and I'm extremely interested in your results. I found that all but the last one were either neutral or positive - for me anyway. I believe it is a reflection on where an individual is. For instance, if I were to take the test on one of my "out of the vortex" days, I'm certain I would have had an entirely different experience.

I am developing some materials to explain the electromagnetism to the masses - in drawings. I'm getting closer and closer to launching my ideas... this is very close and very interesting to me.

Thanks so much for sharing!

watching youStay Bouncy!
Last Update on November 23, 2011 by BouncyDragon
Erin Strandjord wrote at October 31, 2011
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Hi Martin,
i didn't actually complete the test because either I didn't find an emotion that related with the rhythm I was listening to or because there was no emotion at all. Then, I accidentally clicked the wrong emotion on one sound and it would not let me change it.
At that point I gave up. :
I think this is a great idea but I think there are still some things that
need to be changed in order to get effective results Smile
Erin  Strandjord
Martin Ivanov wrote at October 31, 2011
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Hi Erin,
Thanks for your time. I think the word you were looking for is "patience" Smile
Martin Ivanov
wendy wrote at October 30, 2011
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Every sound on this experiment was just plain electronically annoying to me...i stopped at the third tone...Dang,what a strange experiment!!!!!
Martin Ivanov wrote at October 30, 2011
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Thank you for trying Smile
Martin Ivanov
Jasmina wrote at October 29, 2011
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Hi, I have just made the RHYTHMOLOGY test and I want to share that a feeling is missing. I missed "strenght". In few tunes I had a feeling of strenght - I marked courage, but it's not the same feeling.
Martin Ivanov wrote at October 30, 2011
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Hi Jasmina,
Thank you for your participation in the test.
We are completely aware in the fact there are much more emotions than these 13Smile
This is the basic concept of the project, and everybody will find out why we chose 27 rhythms and 13 emotions when the first stage of the Experiment is over.
Martin Ivanov
cobe wrote at June 3, 2011
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Hello Martin, thx for inviting me. I look forward to participating. I had an idea a while back about creating a keypad that worked off of intention/intuitional energy vibe's. ie. Many people would think of a letter and it would be received in another location. Maybe its a topic better suited for down the road. Take care.
Martin Ivanov wrote at June 3, 2011
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Hi Stan,
Thank you very much for your participation and feedback.
Regarding your concern...we have over 2000 participants so far. There are definetely some tendencies, which are very close to our expectations Smile

Take care,
Martin Ivanov
Stan Ellis wrote at June 3, 2011
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I took the test and found that 19 of my responses could only fit in the neutrality catagory you listed. Of those 19 most "could" have fint into an emotion of feeling boredom or waiting for time to pass. Given my response, I'm concerned that your experimental research Reliability/Validity Measures may reveal the test does not measure what it proposes to measure. I'm retired from a career in Behavioral Science, thus am familiar with research design.
Stan Ellis
Martin Ivanov wrote at December 21, 2010
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Please click here

Originally posted by: Miryam Rodriguez
I want to participate in the THE RHYTHMOLOGY EXPERIMENT but y don't know how to find the questionnaire
Martin Ivanov
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