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Posted September 18, 2014 by James Milton in Humanity, Spirituality
I recently finished a book written by a man who was employed by US armed forces as a sniper. In the 80’s he visited Dealey Plaza as a tourist and immediately realized as someone ‘in the trade’, that the Warren Commission’s report on the assassination of JFK was fiction. His book listed many instances of proof, as have a number of others. He went further in drawing attention to the reasons behind the assassination, of which there were several, but perhaps the one which stands out most is the corporate desire to wage war for profit. The author cited much data on this. One example he quoted, was that as a Vietnam veteran, he was (at the time) puzzled by the fact that the ‘best rifle in the world’ was replaced by the M16, which was such a poor quality weapon that a number of soldiers died unable to defend themselves. This of course led back to corruptive practice within the Administration, but it was only the tip of the iceberg.

When JFK was murdered in Dealey Plaza, the people behind it were not just eliminating a man who stood for world peace and was in their way, they were issuing a warning to anyone else who dared to interfere with ‘business as usual’. The events described in the years that followed, indicate just how much impression that made on anyone remotely connected with government. The author was preaching to the choir because I have been aware of much of this for most of my life. Living as I was in England, the ability of the Power Cabal to influence the media was nowhere near as great, and much material was broadcast or published that was simply not allowed into the US Media propaganda machine.

More recently, people on the political left have criticized the current President’s record and failure to make change, but given the influences at work and how powerful they are, this is not all that surprising.

The book author, who clearly has Christian beliefs, bemoaned some decisions made in the separation of church and state and the fact that children are being taught that ‘mankind has God within themselves’. I thought it ironic that the filter of conventional belief should prevent him from realizing, not only is this true, since Source is within every heart, but that this is the very thing which will perpetuate change. The children, who grow up in the new consciousness, and their children, and their children’s children, will listen to the voice in their hearts, and will not tolerate ‘business as usual’. This is where the change will come. It will take time, but God is not in a hurry. Perfection in a 3D world takes time to achieve, but rest assured it is coming. Nothing can stop it!
Stan Ellis wrote at September 29, 2014
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Regarding the faulty M-16 rifle that replaced the M-14 rifle, I qualified as a sharpshooter on the m-14 and it was indeed an excellent weapon. But the M-14 was longer and heavier than the m-16 which made it difficult to handle in the jungle. Also the wood stock swelled from the moisture which effected its accuracy. The m-16 was as you say, a bad replacement that often jammed resulting in many a soldier losing their life. Also it didn't have the superior fire power of the larger caliber ammunition the m-14 had. The m-16 was indeed the result of profiting on the war at the lowest cost to produce a weapon.
Stan Ellis
James Milton wrote at September 30, 2014
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Thanks for your confirmation Stan. I, of course, am only reporting this second hand, but it certainly fits with the corporate world after the JFK assassination, and as Vet, you're an actual witness to the M16's detrimental properties.
James Milton
paul cross wrote at September 28, 2014
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Interesting time in our lives that we can look back upon and realize that corporate warfare is at the base level of just about everything that goes down financially in this world. I have been disgusted over the years with many people involved in the construction trade that run the show so to speak. Their primary focus on money and profit causes emotional and financial damage to the workers and can have quite an effect upon the quality of work performed by professional people squeezed to compromise their professionalism to not lose money. Of course in the JFK event LBJ and his cronies were ruthless plotters and egotistical maniacs. It is actually incredulous when one realizes how deceptive society operates relative to the accumulation of wealth.
paul cross
James Milton wrote at September 28, 2014
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Hi Paul, yes, it seems that this is the time of boardroom snouts in the trough and nothing else matters as far as the Power Cabal is concerned. This is happening at a local Company here in PA. A Venture Capital Company has managed to get control of a local business, and true to form, lay-offs are on the way. I am as disgusted as you are with the greed of these people. We can take comfort in the fact that when they leave this world they will do so with nothing, and a life that could have been spent garnering qualities for progressing towards ascension will now have to be lived all over again.

Its good to see you back. I see you managed to log on again with your previous profile.
James Milton