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Posted September 24, 2014 by James Milton in Humanity
One of the bloggers in our local newspaper wrote about the debate on arming teachers in order to prevent any more tragic massacres occurring in schools. He invited comments, so I emailed him. I agreed with him that I thought arming teachers was a bad idea, but that there are other ways to make schools safe, and my suggestion was for a metal detector which controls the entry point. He replied to the effect that this would throw up too many false alarms.

When I wrote him back I made the point that when confronted with a problem, one can either view all the obstacles and walk away, or work with it until it is fixed.

When I worked at the Glass Plant, it was not unusual to have to deal with technical issues that were not easy, but they had to be dealt with, and there were occasions when I was the only shift mechanic on site. If I had just decided it was too much trouble, I would have been in dire straits with my Departmental Boss the next day.

It seems odd that steps have been taken to prevent people taking firearms on board a flight, and yet the most precious of all, our children, are still at the mercy of any deranged person with a gun. It is not a complicated affair to have a door lock if a metal detector detects something. My blogger friend mentioned belt buckles, but belts can be made without metal buckles. Of course, then there are watches, coins, coat buttons, but adjustments could be made if parents are notified beforehand.

There is a way to prevent further tragedies. My idea is just one way. What is required is simply the will to make schools secure. It cannot be that hard.
Jason wrote at January 9, 2015
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idea+energy=experience and attention is energy
if you want to end violence first get it out of peoples televisions and video games and stop labeling it as entertainment. What kind of sick person finds violence entertaining?
James Milton wrote at January 11, 2015
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Hi Jason, yes I agree. On a 'free-will' planet though, such as this, change as you suggest would only be possible by popular demand. That may happen one day. In the meantime I believe there are practical steps that could be taken using technology. Your thoughts on the violence that occurs in the entertainment industry as a matter of routine are encouraging and shows that awareness of it is at least reaching some people. Violent drama is more prevalent in the USA, in my opinion. European and Far Eastern films tend to be more about human drama than violent drama. This perhaps reflects the view portrayed through politics and the media in the US, and the constant demonizing of certain countries. I'm sure it's all connected. Thanks for your interest. What you think and what you do has an effect on everything else, so you are helping to change things, never underestimate that!
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James Milton
Stan Ellis wrote at September 29, 2014
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I agree with Paul regarding technology creating safeguards. Possibly a type of fluoroscope for full body scans. As technology resolves immediate issues, a student terrorist will think of some devious way to beat the system. I don't know the answer, but we have to keep on trying.
Stan Ellis
paul cross wrote at September 28, 2014
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The problem is not a simple problem and therefore cannot be solved with a quick, even well thought through, solutions. Technology can certainly solve the issues that you illustrate James as far as metal weapons, especially guns. But I can immediately think of scenarios where even detection does not stop an assault from occurring - a diversion of metal detection at the front door and intrusion at another building location. More susceptible at a high school as the students could be more likely to be willing accomplices. Obviously Education an d awareness is the long term tool but that is not a 100% deterrent either. During certain assaults that reach a level of high achievement then a gun in the form of a defensive response may indeed be the correct and necessary solution. But that has an effect of creating an atmosphere of a psychological nightmare more than a nurturing environment we want our children learning in. I guess if you designed a school in the future ideally you would be able to create the definitive barrier outside the effective assault area. maybe 100 yds all around the school perimeter. Say with a buried magnetic ckt- like the traffic light detecter ckts- that would be your metal detector means. More like a dog fence than a prison fence. A warning to the intruder that the next perimeter will shock him like a taser if activated by a person inside not automatic(chance of shocking the friendlies if not). Now you have time to go get weapons of defense if needed. Of course there are many vulnerabilities to work out amongst the details. Dont like even this solution myself cause it is still escalation. But we need to protect till our world becomes a lot more friendly as a whole.
paul cross
James Milton wrote at September 30, 2014
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Thanks for your thoughts on this Paul. The only two suggestions I've seen so far are arming teachers, which I agree with you, and the blogger is not a good way to go, and more control over guns, which is clearly not going to happen. Therefore a third option using technology has to be the answer if schools are to be protected. Nobody in authority seems to be going down that road at present.
James Milton