James Milton
Posted November 27, 2014 by James Milton in Intention, Humanity, Spirituality
The Huffington Post printed an article this morning entitled ‘The Shrinking Democratic Party’. It is accurate enough; the political mainstream has shifted significantly to the right over the last several years. The US recovery, despite the ‘staged’ exterior appearances has been spectacular, but money talks, and President Obama is not far enough to the right for corporations and billionaires. There is (in my view) a deliberate attempt to hold back job creation and economic prosperity, not to necessarily put a ‘Mitt Romney’ in the White House, but in order to ensure that whoever is elected plays ball and knows who rules!

We live in a free market economy; or do we? The object of most big business is to buy out the competition, so that they can charge whatever price they want, or to produce something which they can own through patent, such as a GMO crop, or a pill that will further physical life without actually curing the disease, with the same result. The other model, demonstrated by Big Oil, is the cartel. Any variation in gas price is usually due to local operators, not the supplier.

There are those who buck the system, such as Walmart, and they are big enough to do it. They have made a success story out of doing it, although it has largely been done on the backs of their employees through low wages and lack of benefits.

So are we helpless in this world where money rules and even the normally conservative Vatican commented on the idolatry of it? I am reminded of the response of the warrior King, Henry V of England when faced with great odds. In 1415, his expeditionary force of 5000 men stood on disputed French soil against 60,000 French knights and soldiers. His words……

“We are in God’s hands, not in theirs!”

Agincourt was an overwhelming victory for the English, over what seemed like certain defeat.

In this enlightened age we now know that each of us has God or Source within our own breast. Looking at outer conditions, it would be easy to believe that we are all at the mercy of wheelers and dealers, but that would not be true, unless we would allow it to be. We are free, we have free will, and we can Intend for ourselves whatever we wish. Those who would wield power over us, would indeed, like us to live in a mental box of fear or helplessness, so that their control would be absolute. Their power over us is only what we would allow, and it should be no power at all. We were created free, and only we ourselves can create a prison. We can go on marches and demonstrate against oppression if we wish, but the important place is within our own hearts. The world is a wonderful place, full of the opportunity to grow and become who we are. We can certainly be aware of outer conditions, but they need not deviate us from our purpose of becoming who we truly are.
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