Dean Davis
Posted January 10, 2015 by Dean Davis in General Information
Another new year has come upon the scene. I hope this site will have a revival to the vibrancy it once had before it went down for those 4 months a year or so ago. Heart
James Milton wrote at January 11, 2015
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Hopefully Dean Smile Everything has a cycle and this site now feels how the old site did just before the new site went up. Intention is more relevant now than ever (in my view). At the moment many people are joining the site but they simply pass through. It's almost like an international airport. Smile They are all looking for something but it looks as though few people are taking the time to read the blogs or make comments. Will that change? Who knows?
James Milton
Bob Songer wrote at February 11, 2015
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I read your, James. A wonderfully fulfilling New Year to you.....and to Dean!

I think people are looking for "experience" first of all; experience that leads to satisfying results. Experience in relating, learning, growing together with others who are similar yet whose experience/knowledge can be broader than that of the individual.

I also think that philosophical writings have a place in all this (I like them), but things like the actual Intention EXPERIMENTS bring people together like nothing else. Then the common experiences and friendships.

Lastly, the "cycles" you mention, James, happen, just like some kind of "death" must always precede "rebirth."

I'll shut up now.
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Bob Songer