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Dave Wisland wrote at November 17, 2014
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I heard the tone between 25 and 30 seconds. Two questions:
1. What is the hypothesis/conclusion from this experiment?
2. Is anyone aware of the potentially related study of "holographic signal processing"? see this link: http://alumni.colorado.edu/wp-content/uploads/colo...
Dave Wisland
Terry Brock wrote at January 13, 2013
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Do you have to be consciously aware of the sound in order to get a 'desired effect' from it? I heard it between 25-30, but if you had left the volume down and the desired outcome was deep relaxation, would I have perhaps achieved that as if it were the tone I hears at 60 seconds?
Terry Brock
James Milton wrote at December 7, 2012
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I was referring to the wrong track when I voted. I thought we were talking about the original binaural sound track. On the correct track I heard it after 30 seconds.
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James Milton
Stan Ellis wrote at December 7, 2012
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Will you reveal the purpose of this experiment and the resulsts we all the votes are in?
Stan Ellis
Dean Davis wrote at December 7, 2012
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This poll is for the Exploration Of Binaural Sound Effects, Experiment 3, Recognition Of Binaural Sounds.
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Dean Davis